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Paper Heart - Exclusive Interview with Demetri Martin!

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Hi, I am Charlyne Yi and this is Nick Jasenovec. and we have a movie: Paper Heart, which is about love. and the next scene didn't make into the movie because the person I interviewed is very...subpar. OK. Do you have.../You are the director? I am the director. Do you have any.. How's it going? Well, OK I'm talking to you Don't interrupt please So. You just want me to just talk to you like whatever how stupid the question is or something just going/Man! Just try to answer as best as you can any way you want Let me start with couple of questions and I will like going into my autobiographical stuff/Cool What's has been the worst part working with Charlyne Li Man I cannot answer this question fair enough what if you guys like driving around win a bagel, it like red rules or something like that? hahaha/OK, so I am ready Maybe you guys are ready to draw Let's started. Ask anything you want, Charlyne. .. Love. Anything on it? on that topic? hahaha/You got something? Yeah, really well-worded question./hah I just want to know. Have you ever been in love? At several times, I have been loved. and the first time I was really in love was in fifth grade. So what happened with fifth grade? I was in fifth grade too It's not like I was in love with fifth grade of last year Thanks.Thanks for let me finish that thought./You are welcome The film must be going really well ... Can I get the check when you get the chance? ....... To me true love does exist It's rare. To some people it may never happen Do you think there is a chance.. By the way your questions are good. I feel like you connected with the person you are talking to .. I think you are giving a good shot now but just watch what he does I think you gonna be alright There was a retarded girl in school who you actually remind me of and./You are so mean in quo .... Which one? I want to come down here and talk about like.. Yeah. I had been really experienced with love I've been in a bunch of relationships Do you?/I usually give more than I get But I'm not gonna spill it out I need to be cocus a little bit So do you have any advice for me? What I'm doing wrong, Demetri? ...... Maybe you haven't do anything wrong you know .. actually you probably did a lot wrong than I think about it One, style. Two, presence. Three, voice Four, posture. Five, attitude Do I say style already? If I am into style, you probably think about it uh? Six,defensiveness Should I laugh about that? What would be a proper response Just accept it? Seven, sarcasy Oh, that's funny I am not try to be funny, I am trying to tell you how things are .... Drink up, drink up Charlyne/ What? Drink up dork Go ahead, drink up Oh chuck I wanna apologise for that/No/I wanna apologise for that/I knew it, I knew something like it would happen It's like a animal When it doesn't know how to communicate, it attacks Music alright, I am ready, let's start That's it?

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Posted by: newmovies on Jul 13, 2009

Paper Heart - Exclusive Interview with Demetri Martin!

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