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Construction Courses at SDSU's College of Extended Studies

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My name is Bob George and I teach online courses for at San Diego State University. You know, typically when you are looking for a job in the construction industry, employers are going to look for three basic things. They're going to look for experience, they're going to look at how you present yourself, and they're going to look for education. Education is a big component. So, we can't guarantee you're going to get a job by going to our classes, but it certainly helps. Things are changing very rapidly, not only with computers but with any number of things. And employers are looking for people who can learn. They're looking for people who have the where-with-all, to actually go out and take classes and to learn and to try and keep up with where the construction industry is going. That's very important in industry today. Each class that we offer is going to require about five hours per week of effort on the student's part. And they are ten-week classes, so they're roughly 50 hour classes. Construction Blueprint Reading is a basic course that everybody needs. If you're interested in going into the estimating portion of construction then Introduction to Construction Estimating. If you're more interested in Construction Supervision then we have nine or ten different courses in Construction Supervision. You can pretty much start wherever you want to start. You might need planning and scheduling on your job. With an online course you have to log on fairly often, serveral times a week. But its not like an in classroom course where you go someplace and sit there for three hours and then don't do it again until next week. An online course is more of an educational experience. For ten weeks you are going to be emersed in the course. It's an incredible experience to be in a class and having discussions with people from...most of the people are from the United States. New York, Florida, and Illinois, and Alabama, and Washington, and Alaska, and Hawaii all in one classroom. But also people from Iraq, and Afghanistan, and good golly New Zealand, and Iceland, and Moscow, London. See that's one of the really incredible and interesting things about online courses.

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Construction Courses at SDSU's College of Extended Studies.

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