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Have you experienced God? (Part 2) Sadhguru

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What is it that can be everywhere? I want you to look at this. Think of one thing that can be everywhere.... NATURE... What is nature meant to you? see energy can be here but not be there isnt it? no...see energy means it has a physical presence So there is energy here may be there is no energy there. Its a possibility. Isnt it? What is it that can be everywhere? oh your .. Nothingness Nothingness is the only thing which can be everywhere Isnt it? hmm.. you dont like it. Now you are flying up there... you are flying within the atmosphere, so there is something... Suppose your airplane takes off and flies beyond this atmospheric space... What is there? Total nothingness isnt it? If you look up in the sky in the night, what do you see? Stars.. I want you to understand stars are just tiny specs out there. The large mass is just vast emptiness, isnt it? It is in the lap of this nothingness, small somethingness has happened. Your planets,stars, galaxies are just little happenings in the vast emptiness of space. So nothingness is the only thing which can be everywhere .so if nothingness is all that can be everywhere... Today modern science is proving to you beyond any doubt... Everything is coming from nothing and going back to nothing. Do you know this? Do you know modern science is proving to you..your theroy of relativity, quantum theory.., and now the string one... they are all out to prove to you that everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. The whole galaxy of stars...many times they just collapse into themselves and become nothing. Some of them explode and become supernovas but many of them just collapse into themselves and just become nothing These are called black holes. So everything comes from nothing, goes back to nothing what you call as creation is just a small happening - a brief happening maybe a few hundered million years... but still in the vastness of the space it is just a small brief happening. You may think you are too much. But you are just a brief happening, isnt it? Simply you appear like will disappear tomorrow, isnt it? This planet also, it has appeared like will disappear tomorrow. But the vastness of the space is always there. It is in the lap of this space, everything is happening. It is in the lap of nothingness, somethingness sporuts and dies...sprouts and dies... So everything is coming from nothing. You know the word 'Shiva' The word 'Shiva' means, that which is not. The word 'Shiva' literally means, that which is not. 'that which is' is creation, 'that which is not' is Shiva or the creator. So this is ultimate science for you. They are just telling you everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. because everything is supposed to come from Shiva and he is 'that which is not' . He is nothingness. or in other words... he is darkness. Space is just utter darkness isnt it? Yes, experientially . The sources of light are always limited If you see light it means something is burning there. It wont be for ever, it will burn up after sometime. you' ll feel and see something is burning here. Yes... In a mild way maybe, but something is burning and you cant keep the burning forever. you cannot keep any burning forever, it' ll burn itself out... after sometime Even the greatest source of light that you know is Sun... Even he is burning himself up. One day he will be done...yes or no? Such a great source of light... just with my hand I can stop the light and leave a long shadow of darkness, isnt it? but darkness can you stop it anywhere it is everywhere into everything so your religions told you God is everywhere that means they are telling you that god is darkness but always you belived divine light never divine darkness. in yoga for beginners in yoga we always tell them god is light as people advance in yoga we tell them god is darkness . ah .. why ? you are afraid of darkness see darkness means there is nothing . nothing cannot hurt you only something can hurt you is'nt it ? is'nt it so .ah .. yes why are you afraid of that which created you ?yes its nothing .see there was sometime ago this philosophy sometime ago modern science believed nothing can be actually created or destroyed .you can only convert one thing to another matter can neither be created nor destroyed but not any more world wide physical research laboratries have done this now they can destroy a proton or neutron not releasing any energy not becoming anything else just simply plain destruction an existing proton you can make it non existent and in vaccum states where nothing is they can produce what is called as virtual protons and virtual neutrons . one of the experiments happened in the kolar gold mines ,do you know this ?because they wanted a certain depth and a certain pressure inside the earth one in five different places they conducted a very significant experiment about eight nine years ago one point was kolar gold mines near bangalore and they can actually destroy protons and neutrons and they can create protons and neutrons out of nothing so this whole idea of if something has to be there ,something else has to be there behind it doesnt arise anymore everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing ah .. may make something not necessarily .

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru asks the audience to think of one thing that can be everywhere then explains that Nothingness is the only thing that can be everywhere. (AO19-P2)

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