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Интервью Дюкова

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In spite of the falling oil prices, Gazprom Neft reported growth in its year-end performance indicators. Achieving this in the midst of sanctions, and the kinds of prices for "black gold" anticipated by the beginning of next year, were among the topics discussed by Chairman Alexander Dyukov in an interview with Rossiya-24. Let's take a look at the interview now.

Alexander Dyukov, good morning.

Good morning.

2014 was a challenging year not only for the Russian economy but for the global energy sector as a whole. Oil prices fell, the Russian currency was significantly devalued. Sanctions were introducted, affecting many Russian companies. One of these was Gazprom Neft. How would you sum up the past year at the company?

If we're talking specifically about Gazprom Neft, one could say that 2014 was a success. In 2014 we increased output by an overall figure of over 6%. The company's throughput increased, and our operational revenue grew accordingly. In 2014, as many know, we completed work on the Prirazlomnoye oil platform allowing the first oil extractions in Russia's Arctic shelf. Last year we also began full-scale production drilling at the Novoportovskoye field. We started commercial production at the Badra oilfield in Iraq. Once again we have seen a year of significant milestones for the company, and I won't recite them all here.

What kind of results are expected for the end of this year?

If we are talking about operational revenue, then we will see a rise. We expect growth to reach almost 10%. Where net profit is concerned, exchange rate fluctuations make it difficult to predict. All exporting companies, and companies generally, have borrowed foreign currency in response to the situation, therefore the deciding factor will be the exchange rate at the end of the year.

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Интервью Председателя Правления ОАО «Газпром нефть» Александра Дюкова телеканалу Россия24

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