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♪ music playing ♪ >>Juan: In our 7X7 Experience course, we talk about how important it is to say it with a smile. Consider that your starting point for getting a tip. Many riders only tip when they feel the driver has gone above and beyond. So choosing to start with a positive first impression can be a real help. >>Ahmed: In our experience as drivers, you are more likely to get a tip on a trip with a great conversation. That doesn't mean you want to annoy your riders by forcing them to talk to you. >>Juan: When you greet the rider by asking how their day is going, that gives the rider the opportunity to lead the conversation or to cut it off. But don't think just because you didn't have a conversation that it means you won't be getting a tip. The rider who just wants a quiet environment may show their appreciation with a tip as well. >>Ahmed: Pay attention to the little clues people give you. Spoken or silent, so that you avoid annoying them. >>Juan: And if your rider wants to talk, you want to listen to what they say carefully, and let them lead the conversation so you're talking about their interest, not yours. >>Ahmed: What exactly is a great conversation, though? It is important to avoid sensitive subjects. >>Juan: For example, politics can be a sore topic for some, and discussion of religion might be over the line for others. Stay away from these topics and don't be lead in by the rider, even if they are asking direct questions about your beliefs. >>Ahmed: You can always decline to answer a direct question or deflect it by giving a non-committal answer and then changing the subject. Even everyday topics can be troublesome if you don't agree with the rider. For example, if you bring up the game from last night, maybe you and your rider root for different teams. This isn't the time to argue about how your team is best. >>Juan: We recommend responses like, 'Oh, that's interesting.' If you encounter someone with an opposing opinion or a controversial viewpoint, remember they are only in your car for the length of the ride and you can choose to keep it a positive experience. >>Ahmed: Choose to listen, and what's that? Choose a tip. ♪ music playing ♪

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