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London Riots - David Howe

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And violence has raised questions about how best to deal with rioting and disorder on our streets joining me now from Lincoln, as you know I have just spoken with Patrick Merca, I’m now joined with Darcus Howe who's a Writer and Broadcaster and we can speak with him now Darcus Howe is right now in Croydon Darcus Howe, are you shocked by what you seen there last night? No. Not at all. I have been living in London for 50 years. There’s so many different moods and moments. But what I was certain about, listening to my grandson, and my son, is that something very very serious was going to take place in this country Our political leaders had no idea The police had no idea But if you look at young blacks, and young whites, with a discerning eye, and a careful hearing, they have been telling us and we would not listen, that what is happening in this country, to them is— what is — Mr. Howe if I can just – If I can just stop you Mr. Howe for a moment your not – you say you’re not shocked does this mean that you condone what happened in your community, last night? I condone – if I – Of course not! What am I going to condone it for? what I’m concerned about more than anything else, there’s a young man called Mark Duggan He has parents, he has brothers, he has sisters, and two yards away from where he lives, a police officer blew his head off Blew his head off with a – Let me finish! Mr Howe – we have to wait for the official inquiry before we can say things like that We don’t know what happened to Mr Duggan We gonna wait for the police report on it FIONA: If I can take you on a little bit, you were talking about your grandson, you were talking about young people HOWE: I understand – Mr. Duggan is dead. You don’t have to wait for an inquiry! you were talking about your grandson, you were talking about – the young people – They have been stopping and searching young Blacks for no reason at all I have a grandson, he’s an angel, and he began to think when he was coming of age, when the police slapped him up against the wall, and searched him And he thought he had no a gun star I asked him the other day, I propose of a sense that something was going seriously wrong in this country I said: "How many times have the police searched you?" He said: “Papa, I can’t count, there’s so many times” Mr Howe, that may well have happened and if you say it did I am not going to again say you. But that is not an excuse to go out rioting and cause the sort of damage that we’ve been seeing over the last few days Where were you in 1991 in Brixton? I don’t call it rioting I call it an insurrection of the masses of the people It is happening in Syria it is happening in Clapton it's happening in Liverpool it's happening in Port Spain, Trinidad And that is the nature of the hysterical moment There is a, it takes — Mr. Howe. If I can just ask you, you are not a stranger to riots yourself, I understand, are you? You have taken part in them yourself? I’m not a – I have never taken part in a single riot I have been on demonstrations that ended up in a conflict And have some respect for an old West Indian negro, instead of accusing me of being a rioter Because I – you don’t want me to get abusive you just sound idiotic Have some respect! Have – have grandchildren Thank you very much for joining us from Croydon Darcus Howe, the writer and broadcaster Ok, there has been a huge knock on… He doesn’t know what to do, cause she sounds like an idiot!

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Posted by: dud3ism on Sep 4, 2011

Darcus Howe, a West Indian Writer and Broadcaster with a voice about the riots. Speaking about the mistreatment of youths by police leading to an up-roar and the ignorance of both police and the governement.

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