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Qu'est-ce qui est arrivé à Odette?

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What did we do? It's hot I'm here to get my test! Madame, I think I did incredible because I'm perfect and I'm okay with an A++, that's okay. WHAT? WHY? I did everything that was on the test! Ugh, poutine! Allura, it's f*** Shut up b****, it's your fault! It's impossible... my friends, you'll never believe what just happened. What happened? Dominique, you aren't going to ask me any questions like, "What happened Allura... what happened?" You don't care about me. Allura, it's really hot. I don't care. But Dominique-- Odette... Dominique. Sorry. Dominique, it's okay. I know you love me. Thanks, of course. Girls! Do you guys want to come to my house later? All: Yes! Odette! Eh, you can come too if you want. Hold my bag! Let's go! Hi! Why are you mad? First, you guys are late. But it's five min- UGH, Odette... and second, where's Dominique? She's in-- --Uh... and third But do you want an answer? Yes, ugh. She's at track practice. Okay. So, let's go. Odette... over there, over there. Allura, where are we going? Odette? Why are you talking? You don't have rights to talk in this group. We're here! Why?? For photos! Odette, over there... over there... over there... over there... over there... perfect! I'm cute! Yes! Ooo! I have an idea... I have an idea! You are good! Odette, come here... come here! Okay, sure! Take a photo. Oh, you are good! Oh my god! Oh my god! Odette! Odette! Odette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think she's in paradise? Maybe. I don't care. There are a lot of people who can kill us. Our families... the police. Oh my god, we are DEAD! Allura! What's your problem? You don't care about Odette. Be careful, girls. This group is exclusive. Sorry. Oh my god. What a day. I'm hungry. YoU doN'T caRe AbOuT OdeTte! UGH! Who is this girl, Margot? She goes to our school? She's ugly. And disgusting. And a b****. What... girls? What happened? Girls! Girls! It's the police! We are DEAD! Oh my god, look, look, look! "Hi, girls. I'm watching you. xoxo" Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I'm going to prison! I have dreams! I want to get married! Me too! Girls, calm down. This isn't real. How do you know? Because the number is 666-666-6666. Is it the devil? Oh, I need ice cream! I need ice cream! What?? They're so crazy... Ice cream makes everything better! So weird! And he told me, " Allura, you're so pretty!" And I said, "I know, but what's your problem??" Yeah. No, he's weird. How do you know that? Girls, it's so weird without Odette, right? Yeah! I held my own backpack today! Me too! Dominique, Camille, she's my servant, not yours. What are you doing? I'm not- What are you doing? I'm not doing anything! I think she's good as a servant... right? Girls! Girls! Girls! It's a text! It's the same It's the same number! "You miss me? I'm not your servant." She's here! Where are you? Where are you? Odette! Are you here? Where's Odette? Odette is here! I don't want pimples! Calm down, calm down... calm down. It's... okay. Come, come. Do you really think she's dead? No... that's the problem! She's here. We can discuss-- we can discuss in the car. Let's go! I don't run. Girls... I'm really scared now. I'm a little scared too. Me too. I think Odette is dead, but her spirit is really angry! Yeah I don't like spirits! Me either! What should we do? Do you have a plan? Girls! I have an idea! She has an idea??? I watched this film where they had rituals for spirits. Do you understand? Yeah! Yeah, rituals! With candles, and with the lights off! And for talking to Odette's spirit! Yeah! Yeah! When can we do it? Today! At midnight. In my room. Close the door. Is everyone ready? Yeah Odette. I’m really really really sorry when i took your ice cream, fries, and pizza. I’m always hungry... you know this! And I’m really sorry, but you need to rest in paradise. Odette. I’m-I’m-I’m a little sorry. Not completely sorry, but a little. But please, stop this. I don’t want pimples! Odette. We are really really really sorry. A little sorry. Allura. Girls! Another text! Odette! Why?? What should we do?? I don’t know... that’s a problem for tomorrow. Okay girls, the ritual from yesterday didn’t work. We must talk to Odette today. Talk to Odette? How? She sent me a text yesterday after the ritual. So, we can respond to the text! No Yes. No. Yes! No!!!!!! Yes!!!!! Allura, stop you b****! Camille, what did you say? Sorry. Okay! Dominique, stop! Dominique! The message says, “I’m not a spirit. I’m VERY real.” I'll respond, "Who are you? What do you want with us?” I'm hungry. You're always hungry. I know. Camille, stop. You're so annoying. Shut up, you b****! What? WHaT? What did you say? wHat dId YoU saY? UGH! uGh! UGH!!!! You b****! You b****! Ugh I forgot my phone... you b****! Girls! I got another text! Allura, what is the text message? Allura?! Allura! Allura? Allura? Where is Allura? It's her cellphone! Why is the door open?I don't know. Did she take a walk? Yeah... She forgot her phone! Oh, there's a text! "I kidnapped Allura. Come to me at 666 The Devil Road." And the number! It's the same number! Oh my god! It's Odette, right? Yeah! We must go to this house! Yes. Right now. Yes. Yes. Let's go! Wait, this is Odette's house, right? That's a little crazy! Oh my god. It's open! Hello? Allura? Odette? Who are you??!?? I'm Margot. I'm Odette's sister. It's you who has been texting us! Yeah!!! It's her! What do you want?? I know you killed my sister. It was an accident. No, it wasn't an accident. How did you... find us? -flashback- My sister, I love you. I'll find the girls who did this. Margot! Margot! My little sister! What's the problem? Margot, I'm really really angry. My friends are really mean. My little sister, that's horrible! Allura is really mean. She mocks me. She makes me hold everything. Relax, relax. It's okay. I'll help, I'll help a lot. Okay? Yeah sure. I love you a lot. I love you. Allura. She's a b****! She's so ugly. She think she's pretty but that's not true. Oh my god, she thinks she's cool?? I'm going to kill Allura and all her friends. She's a huge b****! Oh my god. She killed my sister! I'm finished with all games. I'm going to kill Allura. No!! Girls! Girls! Please help me! Say your final words. Girls! Why are you doing this??? We aren’t doing anything. That’s true!Help me please! Help me! She was really mean. Yeah to me, to you, to Odette. Yeah. And she’s dead.....What should we do? Girls! Girls! I know I was really mean and I’m a- I’m a little sorry. But, if you leave me here,She’s going to kill me for sure. Yes. Allura! You don’t care about us. Before the situation, right now, and after this. Girls, it’s not necessary that we’re friends in the future. But she’s going to kill me right now! I’m really sorry, save me please! Yes! No! Yes! Camille, no! We must do this! She’s really mean! Yeah. Allura, sorry. We’re finished with you. Bye! -screams- Go crazy! Go stupid! Ahhhhhhhh!

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