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Schnaible Endorsement

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My name is Tim Schnaible and it is my pleasure to be a part of Jack Broudy's School of Tennis. The School of Tennis will provide you with real clarity to what is happening at the top levels of the game and will provide you with the insight to develop your game to its fullest potential. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jack for over 10 years and in that time no one has been able to explain and break down the inner workings of the non linear game better than Jack. Believe me I have heard all the experts. I have personally trained and taught over 100 sectionally and nationally ranked juniors, 3 USTA national champions, and top 20 ATP tour professional Sam Querry. I have been in the junior development trenches for over 20 years teaching the principles you will find in the School of Tennis. My year round tennis academy in Encino California uses the School of Tennis as the back bone of our daily teaching curriculum and the results are mind blowing. The School of Tennis will teach you lesson by lesson how to play with more confidence, power and control. You won't here phrases like load and explode, racket back early, or unit turn. You will really learn what is going on in todays world of non linear tennis. You will experience the schools best aspect consistent improvement, a greater appreciation for what is going on in the elite level of our sport. You will understand concepts like contrary motion, figure 8 movement, and the 45 degree angle. Which will unlock a movement system for players that will allow them to produce the fluid and effortless strokes they deserve. If you are truly invested in your tennis then you owe it to yourself to enroll in Jack Broudy's School of Tennis, good luck. I am from New York city and that it has been a very frustrating experience for us because my daughter has not been comfortable in any of the clinics we have found. A lot of it has to do with the fact that they are not teaching and they are just drilling and they are saying things that she doesn't understand and it frustrated her. There was a lot of frustration two years ago in my daughters tennis and she almost quit. He turned her into a completely different player. She loves the sport, she is not frustrated and we have sent video's as well which have been so helpful in his critiquing and given her points. When we go to tournaments she can refer to his critique and she can make those changes in her matches. A couple of things have changed her game completely and you will see that in the video's. I just love his work and I think you will too, it has been such an amazing experience working with Jack and he is the best.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 27, 2014

Tim Schnaible, coach to Sam Querrey, graduate of Infinity School of Tennis, tells how the Infinity System has changed the course of his life and his students' lives.

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