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Spacevidcast live from ISDC - 2.15

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Coming up: We're live at the International Space Developers Conference And we've got these really nifty badges to prove it! Yeah, Orlando baby! ♪ ♪ ♪ Spacevidcast Theme Music ♪ ♪ ♪ (Ben) Wow, International Space developers, Develop-ment- I keep saying developers Cariann: Developers, developers, developers, developers Ben: That's why. That's exactly why. My name is Benjamin Higginbotham and with me is the beautiful, lovely, wonderful, talented and incredibly tired and hungry - [cariann laughs] Cariann Higginbotham. Cariann: This is true. Ben: We've had like one half-meal today and thats it. Cariann: It's pretty awesome. Ben: And a thing of water and that's it. So we're running on fumes. Cariann: Bread and water- they-re keeping up in cages down here. Ben: We're high on ISDC. That's what is keeping us going. Both: Yes, yes, ISDC, yes. Ben: And there are a lot of really cool people here. Buzz Aldrin is right downstairs. Actually, I was just motioning over to BZ, BZWing. Get in, get in. You can't stay off camera. I've even got a mic for you. Cariann: Thank you for the cool background. We happen to be in the lobby of the Omni Hotel where ISDC is being held And they were kind enough to just let us talk into nothing-ness and look like COMPLETE, crazy gonauts Ben: Yeah, it's pretty cool. So is this your first International Space Develop..ment conference? [All laugh at Ben's pause] BZ: No. Actually I got to go to the one last year in DC and I was mostly just awestruck and hardly remember a thing from it besides that it was amazing. Ben: [stuttering] W-w-why - Cariann:Because he was drunk. BZ: I'm not saying I wasn't. So what was it, about the conference that makes you so giddy and happy? BZ: Well. It's all of these people from the industry that you hear about and read about in all these articles and now you can walk up and shake their hand. Ben: They're kinda cool. They're really cool people, too. They're just willing to sit there and talk with you. Most of them at least. They like to tell their stories. It's pretty cool, i think. BZ: And they tell VERY different stories when they're not speaking in front of an audience and small little groups. Ben: Yup. BZ: Those stories are MUCH much better! Ben: More incentive to actually come to the conference next year BZ: Exactly. Ben: Which is going to be held in Chicago. BZ: I believe it's in Chicago. Cariann: Which means maybe we can go to that one too. Want to know why? Because we live in Minneapolis. And so it would be really, a whole lot closer. Ben: Oh, is that how that works? Cariann: Yeah, that how that works. Ben: So what did you get out of the conference. Cariann: What'd I get out of the conference? Ben: Well, thus far. I'm making it sound like the conference is almost over. We're like a day into it. That's pretty much it. Cariann: Yeah, we're barely a quarter into the mix as it were. [bad audio] We had Will Whitehorn speaking today from Virgin. We had Space-X talking today. Ben: And I will say though, because I'm not obligated to be nice to anyone - Cariann: He's not going to kiss anyone's <censored> Ben: I'm really not. Will's speech, the Virgin speech, was just the giant PR thing that we've seen over and over and over again. Cariann: You know what the other thing was - Ben: You're at the development conference and these are a bunch of space geeks We've all seen this. Give us something new and different Cariann: There was a couple other people who said that, too. One woman said "If you've seen me at the other ISDC conferences then you've heard this already. And I thought, "Dude! A YEAR ago!" BZ: You need to have something new by then. Ben: Yeah, i totally agree. Cariann: And if you don't, don't be speaking. There's plenty of room for other people who have stuff to say [sarcastically] like me. Ben: Don't get me wrong, but, seriously. What was up with that? I don't understand that. Cariann: Uh no. Elon [Musk] was not here. But his right hand man, was. Ben: That's correct. Who was your favorite speaker today? BZ: Um, I don't know. I was running around passing out question sheets. I kinda felt like a hot dog vendor at a baseball game [Immitating a ball park vendor] Questions, questions, get you questions hee-ya. So i was only half-paying attention to the stuff. Ben: One the really cool things, and if you guys didn't watch any of this stuff you can go to and watch all this stuff on demand, so you can see all of the ISDC clips If you're watching this on youtube, understand that all these clips are not necessarily on our youtube channel. You HAVE to go to to get to these clips. There's technical reasons for that. But more than that, if you watch this video in time, and you want to see ISDC live We're streaming the conferences live. You can ask your question and we hand it over to BZ and he runs it over to the front of the stage. And then they moderate it, make sure it's OK for air. [humorously] "How do you go poop in space", yeah great. Cariann: [sarcasm] Why are you so stupid?!?!. Ben: Exactly. BZ: And everybody has already here has already heard the answer to that question and we're all tired of it. Ben: I've been having fun. It's been a moderately long day because it's just back to back to back speakers. Cariann: [Today has been] the more corporation stuff. And that's And that's not really our audience for the most part, so it it doesn't pertain to us as much as I think some of the other day's will. Ben: I think probably our day is more like Saturday. Cariann: The only difference is that you, and you alone, because I was not there, got to see the lunch and dinner speeches Which, OH! I LIED! Elon Musk WAS here because he gave the lunch speech. See.. I wasn't in on that so... Ben: He was at lunch, and who was at dinner? Cariann: Richard Garriot Ben: Oh my gosh, best speaker I've seen in a long time. We've have video of that. We weren't able to stream from that room live but we have video of his presentation and it is amazing. We'll post that in Hi-Def on the youtube channel and on Did you get to see that one? BZ: No I didn't. I kinda collapsed and fell asleep for a few hours. Ben: Oh, that's a bummer because I would have to say he is best speaker of today. The best one I've seen the entire conference All one day of it. BZ: Actually, the students - the student organizations have actually set up a couple of hidden student sessions with a few of the speakers and we've got a session with him tomorrow, so... Ben: Ustreamer-16822 is asking who this was. It was Richard Garriot He is one of the guys who help found Space Adventures. He is a private citizen whoi has gone to the International Space Station, not once, but twice, and he is one of only two humans who is a second generation astronaut. Although, the term 'astronaut' is up for debate. As I understand it, the term 'astronaut' means you have to be part of the governament entity from NASA and on a specific mission. But he was on specific missions. So it's a little. Cariann: He did experiments just like everybody else. Ben: He did. So..He doesn't like to be called a 'pace-Tourist' He definitely likes to be called an astronaut BZ: Well none of the space tourists like to be called space tourists. Ben: Because that's more Virgin Galactic-y sub orbital and all the space tourists to date have been going to the International Space Station, which, you have to train for that you have to know how the vehicle work...It's a much much bigger deal. And by the way, for anyone interested: If you'd like to go to the moon, you can do that for a mere $200 million dollars. You too can fly around the moon, all Apollo 8 style. You like that? Cariann: Ahh, yes. Apollo 8 style. BZ: I guess I should start saving money now. Ben: Exactly! One of things Richard Garriot says is that "I made my fortune so I could go to space. So I could go to the Antarctic and so I could go to the bottom of the sea." And he did He does these really cool extreme things and I thought "awesome...awesome". More things to come, tomorrow, Cariann and I be giving a keynote presentation - not a keynote a presentation, a panel at, what time is it? 2:00 Eastern Daylight Time, correct? Cariann: NO BZ: I can go grab the schedule. Cariann: Four o'clock eastern. BZ: Lemme go grab the schedule. Ben: Alright you grab the schedule. At four o'clock eastern daylight time. So four to six we're going to be doing THREE things. We're doing new media, we're doing a basics like how you can do your space, and then we're also doing like a Yuri's night thing. One of the really sad things So if Jeph is in the room or if you guys are around, I apologize in advance. Our session collides with the Jupiter Direct session. Cariann: I'm sure most of you have been to conferences but even those of you who haven't been to conferences, there's a lot of different talks going on all at the same time. There's the main room talks and there's the side room talks And then there's the other talks in the hotel rooms and stuff like that. So there's all these break out sessions and what have you. [reading from chat] "And then there's the talks in the bathroom." But we don't talk about that. Ben: [hi pitched] Awkward! Cariann: The thing is that WE have been *chosen* if you will for the four to six time slot to be in the main room. Even if we weren't in the main room - Ben: UncleBS wants us to cover Direct Cariann: [ignoring the comment] Even if we weren't in the main room the camera would be on us anyway. Ben: So not only are you not going to get to see the direct conference - Cariann: You won't be able to ask your questions. Ben: But we might not even be able to be live for our own conference because I don't know if we have bandwidth in that room or not. So this is going to be really interesting. Cariann: Tah-daaahhh! Ben: I hope you aren't to mad at us but it is what it is, so deal. If you wanted to see Direct and not should have been here Cariann: The thing you can do though, you can twitter some of your questions to @ISDC. I know he's taking some questions. I don't know how many of them. You might want to be very specific: Question about Direct or "Direct?". Something to let him know what's going on But I know they are trying to take questions thru Twitter Through their facebook page although I don't know if anyone is checking that so be really careful with that one, or I don't know if you can email them. So thru twitter. Ha-HAH! [spokesman-like] Send in your questions via twitter to @ISDC. Ben: [groans] _OM_ wants to know how you go to space in the bathroom. You know what - Cariann: There is no space in the bathroom. {Both laugh as they notice the ACTUAL question is "space" in the bathroom. Cariann: The problem is that we're both so tired, we didn't even notice it Ben: I didn't even catch that. Y'know, this is definitely an informal show. (Low audio off camera talking) Guest: We're live now. Ben: Yeah we're live now Guest: Excellent Guest: Daryll Cain. ISDC! This place rocks. Ben: So what was your favorite part of the day so far? Daryll: The fireworks were cool. Ben: Oh great, y'know, rub that in. Daryll: Oh, you didn't see it? B&C: We were here, setting up. Daryll: It was cool seeing some of the Virgin Galactic video. Ben: [laughing] We just just knocking on it Daryll: You were just knocking on it? Ben: We were knocking because it felt like every other Virgin Galactic presentation. Daryll: So thats true. Ben: Was there really any new information in there you didn't know already? [audio FAIL] Daryll: The screen was cool [B&C laughing] So there was discussion on how there was going to be some reveal Ben: Yeah, there was a twitter thing going on. Daryll: So the reveal, there was a reveal. It wasn't 'huge", but it was pretty cool. And that was that they're going to start doing glider test with SpaceShip2 Ben: At the end of the year Daryll: By the end of this year. And then after that - it's not as cool as the reveal they're going to do actually rocket firing tests, but it's still pretty cool. (Ben) Get back over here and get a mic. Down, over here. (Daryll) Also they asked up if it was the larger Nitrous Rocket ever fired. I did n't have the numbers so I couldn't tell. (Ben) You know what, we're going to say, "Yes." (Daryll) Allright, we'll go with, "Yes." (Ben) So you liked the Virgin Galactic? Everyone likes Virgin Galactic as a whole because we all look at Virgin Galactic and go, "That's my ticket to space." (Daryll) That's true (Ben) Most of us mere mortals who don't have the thirty, what is it? Thirty-eight million to go to the International Space Station say "Okay, I can figure out somehow to get 200,000 or more importantly that ticket price is going to go down. So I can probably figure it out when it gets to 50,000 that's my ticket into space." So we all love Virgin Galactic. I don't know of anyone who says Virgin Galactic sucks. (Cariann) Well you know that they're going to do it right as well (Ben) It's going to be the Disney of sub-orbital flights. (Daryll) What I'm hoping for is as they continue, they go with that plan of eventually global travel, upper atmosphere, outside of the atmosphere. (Cariann) Yes. (Ben) When we we're watching the presentation and obviously you guys can all watch that on demand at, it sounded like that's what they're doing. "This is just the beginning. This is where we're starting and we want to go beyond." Forward...up! (Daryll) To name another one of the companies, SpaceX. The fact that they want to go beyond what they're doing now. (Ben) You remember that question during the what was it, the COTS panel? Where someone asked "Why do you think that"- (Cariann) "How can you say that you..." (Daryll) The three failures question. The success on the third try. (Cariann) Yes. (Ben) That was him over here. (BZ) Yup. (Daryll) I should ahve recognized your handy work. [All laughing] (Daryll) By the way, both of us are members of SEDS. (Ben) I'm pretty sure they thought it was from me But I was just laughing hysterically. (Daryll) I saw her when she was up there trying to parse the question. (Cariann) But at least she admitted "this is spicey, let's talk about this for a second. (Ben) If you want to see that moment it's in the COTS video, the C O T S video that's on I'm just going to be pimping out all the on demand stuff throughout the rest of this show. (Cariann) It's actually really good. A lot of it is really good. (Ben) A lot of it, I'm just going to be really frank here, a lot of it is really boring, too. A lot of it is just a re-hash of what we already know. You've got to get through that to get to the fun parts like this. (Daryll) If you keep track in the space industry, that's part of what happens at these conferences. You do see a lot of repeat stuff that you already know. But i come to these things mainly to meet people. For example: You two. (Ben) Awesome! (Cariann) Woo Hoo! (daryll) Hi! Nice to meetcha. And nice to meet everyone else. (Ben) Our target market is not the space enthusiast, the people who are already into space. We're trying to get the noobs of the and the closet space geeks. Now inherently we're going to get the non-closet space geeks like the Tim's of the world. (Daryll) Ah yes. Tim Bailey. [Cariann laughing] (ben) Ah yes. Just stand RIGHT there. (Cariann) Why don't you stand right in front of the camera. [Garbled audio] [Low off camera audio] (Cariann) BZ already popped up from behind and we had a little Whack-A-Mole (Ben) This is why we're an internet show and not on television. Straight up people. This reason right here right now. [Cariann continues laughing] (Daryll) Do you want to talk on Spacevidcast? (Ben) Do it. (Ben) Get in here. I told you , you were going to do this. And you said, "I'm not going to do it." And that was the extent of the conversation. Who are you and why do we care? (Tim) Hi. My name is Tim Bailey I am the conference chair for ISDC 2009. (Cariann) Woohoo! (Ben) You gone like all official on me now. (Cariann) W-w-wait. You didn't answer the second question...Why do we care? (Tim) Why do we care. Because ISDC 2009 is THE space conference We have the coolest people- (Ben) Are you knockin' other space conferences right now? What's going to happen when you chair a different space conference? Cause we know you're going to. Alright, hang on cuz I've been doing this all night Go back to our archives and watch the live ______ we had with Tim and he does like everything. He says, " I chair this, I chair that, I chair this I chair that." He been a freaking flight attendant on the Zero G airplanes? (Tim) That's correct. (Ben) That's ssooo awesome. (Tim) It IS awesome actually It's one of those things I never thought I would do. To Actually get myself closer to actually be in space was to become a flight attendant Y'know. You have to go where the road leads. And I think this is one of those things. Like coming to ISDC. You guys were kind of wishy washy a little bit. "Oh we're coming...we're not coming... Oh maybe we're coming, we're not coming. (Cariann) Only because we had to deal with you, Tim. [All laugh] (Ben) He just called us wishy-washy on our own show. (Tim) But at the end of the day - (Cariann) [joking] That's it gimme the mic (Ben) Absolutely. It's cool people and it's fun stuff. It's interesting conversation (Tim) And that's why I wanted to do ISDC over other space conferences right now is because i think it's really important we have this conversation with people, with the public, about why space is important and how they can participate in it. And this evening, we're you guys in there to hear Richard Garriot? (Ben) I was they weren't. (Tim) Ughh. (Ben) Well I don't knwo if you were. She wasn't. (Tim) Well you missed it. Let me tell you. (Ben) It was awesome. (Cariann) Thanks, Tim. (Tim) It was really cool. He's a second generation space flight participant. His dad was an astronaut, no he's been to space. He was talking about the things he did there... how he and his mom prototyped some art on the Zero G airplane before he took it up and did it on the space station And that the time for talking is over.There's been a long time where people talk about space. ANd where it's all talk and no action. And now we're in the part of history where we're actually taking action to go into space. (Ben) You understand you're on a space talk show, right? (Tim) Oh Yeah! (Ben) Okay, I was just pointing that out. (Cariann) Preacher...Choir! Hel-llo! (daryll) What's the website for that (Tim) (Ben) So let me ask you this (Daryll) You better register that, quick. (Cariann) Someone in our chatroom already is (Ben) I agree with the statement that the time for talking is over and the time for doing is now. So if I were someone who says, "I agree. I want to do something. What do I do, where do I start?" The time for doing is now is too broad. If I'm a newb or a closet space geek, the term of the night, where do I go? What do I do? (Cariann) That's TWO shots, by the way- Closet space geek-sorry, go on. (Tim) I didn't realize we were doing the drinking game, otherwise I would have brought my own. (cariann) They have the drinking game no matter what we say So we might as well participate (Tim) Excellent So your question was, "What do you do." (Ben) Yeah. How do you get started? You're already "space passionate" but you're not that hardcore geek yet. You want to change the world. Where do you start? (Tim) I think, literally, not just plugging the conference because

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Spacevidcast has a episode live from the 2009 International Space Development Conference.

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