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[ENG SUB] Rap Monster on the Special stage 'Buckubucku

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How do you guys feel about wearing hats? I already picked mine A lot of people may not like it, but I like this hat When I wear this hat, my head becomes warmer and I get smarter. Always in winter and protects your skull Please give fur hats lots of support Bye Buckubuckubucku President Kim! Because this is my first time standing on the stage of "Buckubucku" I'm nervous and I have to get to the stage through the audience seats which is a little scary That kind of this tends to scare me Fighting! Hi It's starting! (x2) I'll be back! I was too nervous [Even more nervous because of all the seniors performing with him] Wow there are so many people RM: It was fun RM: I was a little upset because it seemed like people had a hard time recognizing me because I wore my fur hat and my sunglasses RM: But I could hear Army cheering for me, so it was good [The members who are even more excited than the leader who actually performed] JM: Where's the Rap monster hat? (x2) JM: Where's the Rapmon hat JM: Ah~ I'm Bucku bucku buckuro~ (Buckuro sounds like "embarassed" in Korean) S: I recognized him after seeing the hat, from all the way in the back JM: After seeing the hat and the sunglasses, I was like " Oh it's Rapmon!!" JM: Aigoo he's so cool JH: Oh hey I cheered for you really hard JH: Rapmon- When Rapmon came out I screamed "He's out!" JM: I was like "It's Rapmon!!" RM: I saw for a moment and thought "Ah of course it's Bangtan..." JM: If only there weren't any dancers with you, we would have all followed you up the stage JH: No really. Really JM: If there weren't any dancers- JH: We would have all gone up S: It would've been crazy V: We all go up the stage and leave together JM: It almost happened JM: Even the calm Yoongi hyung would've suddenly rolled up his sleeves and he'd just-

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Posted by: callverbeck on Feb 5, 2016


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