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Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise

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Ransomware, phishing attacks, data breaches… Cyber-attacks may dominate the headlines, but they don’t have to decimate your organization or brand. Sometimes no news can be good news. When working on the go, it’s especially crucial to protect yourself from sophisticated threats lurking within your inbox, masquerading as something familiar or important. With just one click, all the data on your device can fall prey to a cyber-criminal. Traditional anti-virus solutions are constantly playing catch-up, relying on an extensive infrastructure to deliver frequent, ineffective signature-based updates. This results in frequent malware infections, lost productivity, and remediation costs. Fortunately, artificial intelligence and predictive mathematical models leveraged by Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise render malware obsolete – all without depending on file scans or frequent updates. Crisis averted. "Powered by Cylance" As work moves beyond traditional business boundaries, critical data is accessed from multiple devices across the globe, increasing the risk of losing sensitive business information. When this critical data is lost, businesses face consequences beyond just lost productivity. Repercussions include huge regulatory fines, as well as reputational damage and more. Ensuring data stays protected on your devices and external media is only the first step. We know regulatory compliance and data security is vital to your business. That’s why Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise exceeds mandated requirements with flexible data-centric encryption that offers policy-based protection for different types of data, granular port control, and advanced threat prevention. Stop security attacks before they start, and exceed compliance with Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise – data security simplicity without compromise.

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Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise

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