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DIR 202 Presentation 2

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[Child:] You are Darth Maul! [Therapist:] I'm going to get you! My lightsaber ran out! How are you going to fix it? What did you do? - What are you doing? - [Child:] Watch it. [Therapist:] You got it fixed? Zoom! [Child:] My light! I have my light! [Therapist:] You have your light? What is your light going to do? [Child:] To swattle your light! [Therapist:] You are going to... you are going to swattle my lightsaber? Oh no! I have no lightsaber! Oh! You're going to hit me with two lightsabers! [Child:] No. [Therapist:] Oh, boy! Jackson come back here. Uh-oh, I'm going to go hide in the swimming pool. Uh-oh Huh! Luke Skywalker! [Child:] What? [Therapist:] I found something in the pool. [Child:] Um, what is it? [Therapist:] It's... it's R2-D2!. [Child:] I'm not afraid to fight him. [Therapist:] You're afraid to fight R2-D2? [Child:] I'm not! I'm not! [Therapist:] You're not? Are you going to fight him? - [Child:] No. - [Therapist:] No? What would you do with R2-D2? [Child:] He's jumping. [Therapist:] He's jumping? Oh, no. Uh-oh. [Child:] Uhhh [Therapist:] What did I turn into? [Child:] I don't know. [Therapist:] How are you going to find out? [Child:] I don't know. [Therapist:] What might you ask? [Child:] I don't want you to turn into something. [Therapist:] You don't want me to turn into something? [Child:] I want you to stay and do Anakin Skywalker. [Therapist:] You, you let me to stay as Anakin Skywalker; you don't want me to change? - [Child:] I don't want you to change. - [Therapist:] Okay. So... [Child:] Can you get out? [Therapist:] You want me to get out? [Therapist:] I can't get out. [Child:] Why? [Therapist:] Because the mud is eating me up. I'm stuck in the mud. [Child:] It's not mud. [Therapist:] What is it then? [Child:] It's a pool. [Therapist:] Oh, it's a pool. Well, I am sinking in the pool! [Child:] I'm going to get you out. [Therapist:] How are you going to get me out? [Child:] I'm going to throw water - down the pool. - [Therapist:] You're going to throw the water on the pool? Okay. Hurry! Hurry! I'm sinking! I'm sinking! Get the water out! Get the water out! - [Child:] I'm... - [Therapist:] Look it up! There is still too much water! [Child:] Lightsaber! [Therapist:] Oh, here's your lightsaber! - [Therapist:] Okay. I'm coming up! - [Child:] Yeah, - [Child:] get out! - [Therapist:] Help! Luke! - [Child:] Did you not drown? - [Therapist:] Thank you, Luke Skywalker. [Child:] You're welcome. Rest. [Therapist:] Who's going in there? [Child:] I don't know. [Therapist:] Are you going in there? - [Child:] No, I am not. - [Therapist:] You're not? Do bad guys go in there or the good guys? [Child:] Uh, the good guys, I think. [Therapist:] I don't know. Should I go look? - [Child:] Yes. - [Therapist:] Okay. I'll go and look. Oh, no! They got me! Help! - [Child:] The good guy got you? - [Therapist:] No, the bad guy got me! Help! Pull me! You're getting me! [Therapist:] Help! Pull up! - [Child:] It's tricky! - [Therapist:] Oh, it's so tricky! Oh, you're doing it! Good job! Keep on pulling! [Therapist:] You've freed me! [Child:] Now, for you! [Therapist:] Where'd the bad guys go? [Child:] I want to rattle him and I will make him dead. [Therapist:] You're going to rattle him and make him dead. Get him! Hit him! - [Child:] It's dead. - [Therapist:] He's dead? Okay. [Child:] I'm going to put him down. [Therapist:] You put him down? Here, let's put him over here so he's out of the way. Alright. He's down. Good. Where shall we go next? [Child:] Here's your light? [Therapist:] Oh, you're my lihtsaber. [Inaudible] Oh, what's this? [Child:] I'm going to swattle you! [Therapist:] You're going to what me? Oh, no! He's coming! I'm going in the rocket ship! [Therapist:] Oh, no! Where are we going now? - [Child:] Into the jungle! - [Therapist:] Into the jungle? Alright. But... - [Child:] Three, two, one - [Therapist:] Three, two, one - [Child:] Blast off! - [Therapist:] Blast off! [Therapist:] Oh, no! Oh, no! When are we landing? [Child:] We're there in five minutes. [Therapist:] Okay. What? - [Child:] Five, four... - [Therapist:] Four - [Child:] Make it one, we just landed. - [Therapist:] We're wasting! Where are we? Luke Skywalker? [Child:] What? [Therapist:] Where did we land? - [Child:] In the jungle. - [Therapist:] In the jungle. What's in the jungle? [Child:] I found something. [Therapist:] You found out something? [Child:] It's over here. [Therapist:] It's over here? [Child:] I found him! [Therapist:] You found him? What's this? [Woman:] Alright, here again! [Child:] It's Skywalker. - [Therapist:] What are we going to do with him? - [Woman:] Oh, no! [Therapist:] Oh, boy! - [Woman:] Oh, no! - [Therapist:] What shall we do? [Therapist:] What shall we do? [Therapist:] Oh! You got him! Alright. That's fun and let's run in the jungle. Where's the next one? [Child:] I found it! [Therapist:] What'd you find? [Child:] Uh-oh. - [Therapist:] Uh-oh. - [Child:] A swing! [Therapist:] A swing? That's not a swing! [Child:] I... [Therapist:] Oh no! What is that? [Child:] I don't know. [Therapist:] Oh, did that make you feel something? - [Child:] Yes. - [Therapist:] That made you nervous? You... you're nervous because he growled or he made an unexpected movement? [Child:] He made a growl. [Therapist:] What are we going to do with this creature? [Child:] We will just swattle him! [Therapist:] Swattle him! We could get them! - [Child:] He's dead! - [Therapist:] He's dead. Okay. - [Child:] Let's go. I'm moving. - [Therapist:] Let's go play more. [Child:] Alright going up spaceship back! [Therapist:] Back to the spaceship! Hurry! Hurry! [Child:] Right! four, three, two, one. - [Therapist:] Oh! Wait! - [Child:] Blast off! [Therapist:] Oh, no! You lost me! I'm flying in outer space! - [Child:] Don't worry, I'm going to rein you in! - [Therapist:] I'm flying in outer space! Help! [Child:] Don't worry! I'm going to rein you in! [Therapist:] Yeah, I'm flying in outer space! So, we are free! Thanks. Back in the spaceship

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DIR 202 Presentation 2

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