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The Skeletal System

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Oh. This road is so dark and lonely Yes. Are you scared? Oh, I'm never scared oooohhhhh, God hahaha... You said you're never scared. This is just a human skeleton, an amount of human bones, maybe from school laboratoty. See, let me make him stand. Oh. It looks like a human but without skin and other organs. Yeah, these are just bones. Can we talk to him? Hey, how are you? Jimmy, he doesn't have any muscles like tongue, so he can't speak. But, can you tell me about him? Yes, this support to our body. How? See by magic. Jimmy, can you see this shirt and a hanger? Yes. Let's see. If we remove the hanger, what's happens? Shirt falls down if we remove the hanger. See? If bones don't stand up, our body would be like a long of mad. Also, it's safe our heart and lungs for any damage. Yes, you are right. Skeleton supports our body. It protects our body organs. How many bones are there in our skeleton system? Oh, there are 206 bones, but many childest bones it has aproximately 300 bones. But when you grow up huge of the bones join together. Human skeleton has 206 bones. Let me show you something. This is called skull, it carries our brain and support our face. Let's learn about other bones. Oh, these are our shoulder bones. Yes, you are right. These are called clavicle, they also call them collar bones that is why the part of the shirt on this point is called collar. Eh! Eh! Clavicle-collar bones. See, he is showing something. This is sternum. This is centre bone of the front. What is this cage light it? It is made of many bones. It is called rib cage. Our heart and lungs are behind this bones. So if anyone hit on your chest this rib cage will protect your hearth and lungs. Let me show you. Auch See, nothing happen to your lungs and hearth. I'm still breathing and my hearth is still beating. Eh! Eh! Rib cage protects heart and lungs. What is this bone? This is called humerus. Now see this, touch your back. This a new bone here. No, it is not a single bone, it is made of 33 small bones. It is called spine. It starts from the bottom of the brain and ends at the start of the bum. Hihi Hahaha Eh! Eh! Spine is made of 33 small bones called vertebrates. What bone is this? There are 2 more big bones in the arm. These are called ulna and radius. Eh! Eh! Ulna, radius. Oh, this is called pelvis. It protects bladder and uterus. Eh! Eh! Pelvis: it is the largest bone. It seems to be the longest and strongest bone of the body. You are right. This is femur, this is the longest bone in the body. Eh! Eh! Femur: longest and strongest bone in the body. What are these bones? These are tibia and febula. Hey Jenny. Can you tell me what is the smallest bone in the body? Do you know the smallest bone in the body is in the ear, it is called stirrup. Eh! Eh! Stirrup bone in the ear is smallest bone. Oh, there are so many names. Let me wrote all down. Let me show you something. Do you know bones are made up basically? Oh Yes. Calcium You are right. Strong bone needs calcium and vitamin D. See by magic. And you get calcium from milk. Yes, and you get vitamin D from fish, and you know? Also spending lot of time in the sunlinght. Now, my bones will be strong. Now let's walk in sunlight. Yeah, sun gives free vitamin D. Oh, Sun gives so many things to us. Eh! Eh! For strong bones: take milk and fish. Also walk in sunlight.

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Duration: 7 minutes
Year: 2011
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Producer: Make me genius
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