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Faith Healers - Psychic Surgery | Philippines | Les guérisseurs de la foi - Chirurgie psychique

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The movie you will see is the result of ten years of research and experience in the field in the Philippines. Meet the spiritual healers of this country, called sometimes surgeons with bare hands. This therapeutic practice had its heyday in the 60 to 80, yet with much controversy. Related to the incredible aspect, surreal, impossible, of the healing rituals you will see. Yet between these two archetypes, that of the miracle worker, and that of the charlatan or swindler. There was maybe little room until today, to deal with these people for who they are, therapists, enrolled in a traditional world, and looking through symbolic and energetic manipulations to obtain an improvement sometimes a cure, for people suffering in their health. The approach that I propose is an approach that is not that controversy or criticism, but a comprehensive approach. It is to enter the world of meaning of the healers, to hear what they say of the practices they employ, to seek to understand what some individuals go for there to get related to health problems, and perhaps better understand the issues of these healing practices. I now invite you to follow me in the Philippines, to meet with the faith healers, and their amazing therapeutic practices. The quality of a good healer is sincerity. And the important thing today, if you are gifted from God, there are many levels of knowledge of gifts from God. But the healers that live here in the Philippines is another kind of dimension of life. We are doing the psychic surgery. But the quality of a healer, sincerity is the future of man. Faith Healers - Psychic Surgery in the Philippines a movie by Healer Here in the Philippines we have developed the healing maybe because the people here are too poor they cannot afford to go to hospital And maybe, and that is why, the rays of the spiritual energy came here, so that the healers can heal the people that has no money. Marika Verheijen - Associate of Alex Orbito Here in the Philippines you have had the Spanish colonization for almost 400 years and they started studying the Bible and discovered that the part devoted to the Holy Spirit was not very much practiced ... So they started forming small groups invoking actually the Holy Spirit Come like a spring in the desert ... Come into my shuttered soul... Come with your sweet healing power! They call it psychic surgery but I call it spiritual healing because psychic means mind, and mind cannot operate!... They invoke the Holy Spirit trough chanting and very easily, they descent, the older persons of the village become channel they start shaking, and different messages comes thru. they even start healing as well, even in such a state, they start psychic surgery as well. Its their way, in these remote villages, they are seeking divine advice, for the problems they would have... Reverend Nieves Lupas - Healer Most times, healers are chosen by the Holy Spirit ... This happened to me. I was rather shy and could not see myself following that path, but I was designated by a medium and I agreed to take the plunge. Others may feel called, and answer to an inner calling. Prof. Felipe de Leon - National Commission of Culture Our concept of an individual person, is that an individual person is only a ray of the creating presence of the universe, there is one creating presence at the center, at the core of the universe, like a big Sun ... It is symbolic of the pure creativity of the Infinite. This is how every person could be also himself, because we're connected as two rays emanating from the same Source ... In a split second, if I do the healing, I am already attune with, I am already guided automatically by the Spirit. Implications for healing of this, is quite tremendous. We go to the innermost core of our being, the more you tap this creative energy from there this energy radiates towards the healers hands or body and extends this energy to the patient ... Pyramid of Asia - Healing Center of Rvd Alex Orbito - Province of Pangasinan Isabelle Laurent - Head of a business > So four (4) years ago the sky fell on our heads. It was the evening of September 11th, 2001. We learned that our son Christopher who was 16 1/2 years at the time was suffering from a very serious cancer. Peritoneal cancer, rare, few cases reported worldwide, and quite overwhelming. And we left like everyone else in the spiral of hospital treatment, in a world completely unknown to us. We landed in Paris where we started extremely heavy treatments based on chemotherapy protocols that are very heavy. Nobody taught me psychic surgery. Only my mother taught me how to pray and meditate when I was young. That is why, the operations that I am doing, I do not know how it's done, I can not explain it ... The day we met Alex for the first time, Christopher was very bad. He just had four chemotherapy, a big operation, and another chemotherapy. He had a very important operation, 30 inches across the abdomen. He could not stand straight. And he was very tired and exhausted. And we got to the place that was planned for the treatment of Christopher. And I saw this little man, with small black eyes, that looked very concentrated, and he said to Christopher to lay down. Alex focused on him for a few seconds and then he started to walk his hands on his abdomen, stopping places. And then he arrived just below the umbilicus and then, to my great shock, to my amazement, I saw his two (2) hands enter into the abdomen of Christopher. Let me tell you I had a hard time not to fall on the floor, not to lose consciousness. But at the same time, I thought this time it's what should happen. When I operate, I'm in a trance I am guided and that is my spiritual guide who works through me ... My patron is Saint-Michael. He then treated the scar of Christopher which was very important and very puffy, and it was hurting him very very much. Since he could not straighten up. And by passing his fingers from the pubis, to the plexus, very slowly, I saw blood flowing of both sides of the scar. And then he pressed the hand flat on the scar and there was nothing. And then he told Christopher to get up. Christopher stood up with a big smile. He looked at me. He stretched. He took a deep breath. He said Aah I feel so good! And he looked at me and said But what did he do to me? At this point I told him Listen you will see the lady who goes after you because I was unable to say what I had just seen, the shock was too big. And it's true the evening of this memorable day, of this first meeting, Christopher was in exceptional form! He ate like four, as he had never eaten since chemotherapy had begun. And the next day I went walking with him, still I forced myself to go out, to walk, so that he could take a little air, Of course, against his will a little. Since he had absolutely no strength and it was asking him a huge effort. And that day, he did not walk, he pranced, he would run in front of me, I could not follow him! And he said I feet better than before my illness. And never have I felt like that since I'm sick and since I was in treatment. My name is Louise. I am a nurse in Quebec, Canada. I knew he had to work in my abdomen. And it's still special to feel a hand that penetrates deep into your abdomen, without pain. That is amazing. Let's say I felt the hand the impression that it was going around in my abdomen. During the initiation, it is the spiritual world, through the mediums, that indicates to each aspirant with what he should be working. For some, it will be music, the interpretation of texts or mediumship. ` 0:15:40.000,0:15:51.000 For others, healing practices, injection of energy, or psychic surgery. At the end of the year of treatment of Christopher, I learned that one of my collaborators had a brain tumor that was discovered following a blow to the head, and a scanner that has been done. I made her meet Alex Orbito and she was treated twice. The first time I was there, he treated her under the left ear, by taking out a kind of long filament. And indeed, when I asked her the question, that's exactly what she felt. She felt that there was a filament which started from behind the front (The tumor was frontal), and coming out there. The next day he asked her to return, she went alone. And she called me and told me Alex Orbito said she was "OK". This means that he no longer needed to see and treat her. And the next day she had an appointment at the hospital, both for a second scanner, and to give the date of the surgery, because she needed surgery. She called me from the hospital in tears, telling me that the doctor took the scanner in all directions and repeated I do not understand! I do not understand! I do not understand! Why? Because there was no more trace of this tumor. We are entering into a complete unknown field to us! I mean, we normally think, a body can only be operated by proper surgeons and suddenly, here is a healer that goes with his bare hands into the body! It puts everything we believe upside down! and so it is not easy obviously for science to say : "It does exists but we just don't know how!" Jan van Hemert - Professor of Medicine - Dutch University College The first big study is that of Dr. Seutemann, from Germany, who studied 1200 patients for one year after they were cured in the Philippines. And they found a percentage of 90% of positive healing - 19% or 90%? - 90%! There was a trial in Italy, Alex Orbito was tried for trickery. If there are results so there can't be any trickery! If it is real what he is doing, but no patient is curing, then he is a tricker, even if it is real. So the question of reality of this in the scientific sens is not important... What is important for me are the results... I was collecting results for the whole world I did not find 90% but it was very near by... I was selecting very difficult patients, with prognosis from the official medical establishment, so it was normally cancers with metastasis. So I have found it was a very surprising result of this type of healing... There was a trial in Italy, Alex Orbito was asked to give a demonstration in front of a large audience, with TV, with cameras, with journalists, with doctors ... and he said, I will do, please understand there is nothing I want to hide ... but then afterwards, he was accused! We have a special energy "key" that allows us to work on all levels (dimensions) simultaneously. And thus act at the physical level. This is an energetic and spiritual key, but that gives access to the physical plane. In Italy, what was interesting to know, is that he offered the judge that in front of court he was willing to do a demonstration so people would see the truth, and would see it's not fraudulent, and it was refused... It's interesting to see that how far do we really seek for the truth International Laboratory of Biophysics - Neuss, Germany Prof. Roeland van Wijk - Bio-physicist, University of Utrecht Bio-physics is a special field of biology, very close, very connected to physics. Physics uses formula and many calculations, a lot of mathematics. It tries to describe in physical terms biological processes. Bio-photonics is especially the the field of light. So we look at what light means in living organisms. Light intensity goes up in an organism that is under stress or in a disease state. Here you can see the fluctuations in photon emission by the human body. Hidden in these fluctuations, there is a language and we must use very specific techniques to get all the information from these data. Eduard van Wijk - Neuro-psychologist - International Institute of Biophysics It is a pure spontaneous emission which suddenly decreases when treatment takes place. Because this is the photon emission, in the period before the treatment took place, and it is completely flat. And then you see that in periods during the treatment you see a decrease in the photon emission. The emission goes down, and remains at a lower level also in the ten minutes after the treatment... Therefore you can see there is a very strong effect of the treatment. Otherwise we could never see this regular decrease ... Intensity and fluctuation change and I think that is the most important observation the change when Alex Orbito is treating - Do they change systematically in the same way? - Yes, they always change systematically in the same way... That is the place where the scientists have made me go for the experience! Reconstitution of the full experience under light You were lying like this, and Alex took a stand next to you ... And I really felt the power of healing energy flow. but it was not easy conditions in total darkness before! .. Both of these data support the idea that the energy state of the treated person becomes in a better state. We are just at the beginning of a description of what happens when these psycho-physical processes take place. Making a description does give any explanation... Just by having healers cooperating with us leads hopefully to a design for further studies... Ilario Rossi, professor of medical anthropology, University of Lausanne. We may have a confusion of meanings and references. I would say that the effectiveness, to me it seems, as ineluctable. At least on the basis of testimonials we collected. So clearly there we detach ourselves completely from procedures established by scientific reasoning. The effectiveness of this ritual, beyond true or not true, sensational or not, with practical impact yes or no. Besides, if you want, in particular device in the human relations that see healing the physical body as possible, through the provision of a metaphysical dimension. And that is clearly visible from the therapist Who is open to these dimensions in order to intervene, but was also seen by the patients. Joanne THETRAULT: What is taking me here is my disease. I've been sick since 94. I had breast cancer in 94, with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, drugs, 5 years. Then I was good for two years. Then it was sent in my bones. And that too, I had radiotherapy. The following year, I would have had to have still more radiotherapy, I decided, because my doctor told me It cannot be cured. You have to do with it Madame, it can not be cured. So I said to myself, there is something in this world that can cure it, I'm sure, I'm convinced, I will find what it is. So my brother? very nice he offered me: Do you want to go to the Philippines? And I did like ... Wow! He says: I pay for your trip and you go to the Philippines, you'll see. OK I go, it's nice, thank you very much, I was like stunned. And then I came to see Alex in November. How did you feel after the first treatments in November? I could not really see the difference at that time. It was after a few weeks later, I was feeling better. The parts where he had worked was much better, for this definitively there's no error. But, I am here for two weeks, it is not enough, we should be with him for a longer time! People turn to scientific medicine, it's ineluctable, but scientific medicine is less and less the only possible reference through a choice of appropriate therapeutic strategy. Besides, what the contemporary standard is, it is that people come to try many therapies, of several forms of potential resolutions to their problem. And therefore in this research which leads them to combine if you want the irreconcilable: science, and what is an example of faith or belief. There are two basic logics. The first is the logic of therapeutic efficacy. So we become more and more pragmatic. All that is good for my health: I take it, as long as it is, really effective in terms of impact, so it can solve my problem. But this search for therapeutic efficacy, there is another area which is totally exciting, is the search for meaning. I think the human experience today puts us in a confrontation, if you will, to the fact that more and more people are in need for a quest for spiritual meaning. So anything that can give them meaning for their existential trajectory, And that goes far beyond the limits of what we call scientific rationality. And of course, a lot of technical ?? Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, healers, neo-shamanism, to the ritual we have just seen, Are techniques also as reference that allows us to position ourselves in a different way and give a different meaning to our existential journey. He wants to shoot ... And I think it would be good for us. I have pain all the time in the region of the solar plexus. What did it change for you? For now, to meet with Alex? It is the hope that it gives you? It is the hope for sure. We must keep hope. If you do not keep the hope, forget it... You dig yourself ... forget it! It takes absolutely something to hang in there, something to ... to tell you, though there is something there ... It is sure ... We must have hope, if not, the disease will get worse, it's official, official! Conventional medicine had told you that ... But there, that's it, I may be taling the decision to return to conventional medicine, while keeping the alternative medicine. Olivier ZOZOULA, sales representative, therapist Let's say I had originally my side a little exuberant of this discovery because it is so beautiful ... I mean ... I must have hit on the nerves of my relatives. Even my children went at the start on the internet to see if it was not a cult, well, normal, I had just divorced, so they were afraid that something happens to me. Anyway they finally realized it was not the case. And then, well you learn to temper yourself. But I'm not hiding. I practice Reiki. My boss knows I am here in the Philippines to a seminar with a healer. I'm not hiding. I help them so they can help themselves with divine healing energy. The most important thing is to learn how to love ourselves and learn to forgive ourselves if we did bad things... and know how to forgive others. And then we can feel God's presence is always with us. We must pray always to God, that is our spiritual obligation because we're only strangers on this Earth ... It's time to invite God into our hearts because God is waiting for us... Whoever we are, and whatever our religion on earth, we all have the same God to invite into our lives because God is love, and that if we keep in our hearts because love is our Source and our true nature ... The question is dangerous I would say that all of us, in terms of person, life experience, belief, may think what he wants. For me as an anthropologist, it's not really the priority issue "True or not true." What matters to me is the result of this ritual. So if there are people who have overcome insurmountable problems with this type of ritual, with this type of relationship, with questions induced, by changing existential trajectories, clinging to other values, other world views, that, that's very good, and that's what counts. We are obliged to ask questions. And more than that. That is to say that since the disease of Christopher it has been a revelation for the whole family, and not only for me but also for my husband, my eldest daughter, a research a new spiritual quest. And we're all on the way there, our son for that matter. Who now leads a normal life. Although he still has small daily problems that are a consequence of treatments of course. They are very heavy treatments of course, we're all on this spiritual journey and it is a delight! First, I believe that healing is faith, and faith that you especially have in yourself. As I say, I had a breast tumor, and it really opened my eyes. And I looked inside and I went to get my strength. As I think people who are cured, because we just boost their strength to open up to healing. But sometimes they do not really know what is happening and what they want exactly, but just the fact to come and show their desire to live and carry on, that's something ... I think that's when healing is taking place. On the other hand, I do Reiki. So I practice it. For me it's the same energy there is. The Source is the same for everyone. There is actually a side which is certainly much more dramatic as I was when I put the hands. Already, when you come to see someone like Alex, I know you've done an important work of healing. After it is the means. It's true that it is good to see someone which comes in you and comes out ... And you see it physically, crap that you had in the body. It's another thing than when you see an energy ... good ... that you can feel, because people feel the same, they feel the heat, they feel the cold, and tinglings. This is different sensation, but nevertheless they feel. And healing is there. I had to face challenges in my life. I suffered from polio as a child. And I have a leg that remained crippled. Despite this, I have become a medium and healer, and have my own chapel. When I think of it, I am always very moved that the spiritual world chose me. It's really a message to all that whatever the difficulties and hardships we are facing, sincerity is always important. Because we are all infinitely precious to the eyes of the spiritual world. As for me I received this gift to help and relieve others and I have dedicated my life to that. I would say that if the hard science has explanatory limits to restore consistency and dignity to what we have seen, it's also a chance, in the sense that all is not formalized, but all leaves open a great room for existential mystery, the mystery of humanity that goes beyond of what science can explain. In this sense, I would say that if there is an important message, it seems to get of what we've seen so far, it is that we can not reduce the complexity of the Human and the Cosmos to the only measure of what science can tell. And that beyond that, there are many other things to explore and inspect.

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Faith Healers - Psychic Surgery | In the Philippines |
Les guérisseurs de la foi - Chirurgie psychique aux Philippines - Soins Philippins | aux Philippines

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