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[low noise] [fire crackling] ♪ [Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness] [crowd chanting] Is this big enough to be cool? Drinks for the birthday boy, right now? Costa? What are you doing? (Costa) Replying. (Thomas)I want your ass too, Mommy? Who talks like that? (Costa) I do. It works. There's a little guy in the oven! [yelling] (JB) Think about it. Our balls are where his eyes are. [crowd chanting] (Costa) Don't do it man. You're way to fat. (JB) Shut up! [screaming] [laughing] [crowd cheers] I'm Thomas, it's my birthday today. You should definitely swing by. It's on Dicken street. That's your party? You guys are throwing that? That's where I'm going. Cool. See you guys tonight then. (Costa) What? Mind your own business, lady. ♪ [Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness Remix] (Thomas) This is way more than 100 people. (Costa) Of course it is. It's plus one. Hey, would you guys mind not geting on my dad's car. It's just he'll go crazy if anything happens to it. [car engine revving] (on phone) Thomas, I got another call. I'm sure the neighbors are exaggerating. [doorbell] It's time to shut it down. You can't be serious! This is a great party! Either shut it down, or I'm calling the cops. [electric sizzle] I'm calling the cops on your ass now! Do it genius! It's all on tape! All I got was you punching that little child's face. What are you looking for? Condoms. I'm working on something downstairs. The only thing you're working on is diabetes, you fat... [girls screeches] We'll have a whole day to fix this place up like new. What about this? What if my parents see it? Nobody's gonna see this but us. I promise. So you know this high school party in Pasadena? Have you seen the footage? [chanting] [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 1, 2012


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