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Leadership is hard work. If you aren’t actively cultivating yourself as a leader, chances are your losing ground. You may not even be aware of it but the people around you can feel it and you're team can feel it as well. Your leadership cannot stay here. You’ve got to move yourself toward there. Several years back I found myself in a leadership slump. Slumps happen, you know. Managers get into slumps. Teams get into slumps. Leaders get into slumps too and I was in a slump. And it took intentionality on my part... to move myself out of the slump into a better place. That's why my team and I make it a priority every year, be actively engaged with the Global Leadership Summit. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Summit is a two day infusion of vision, inspiration, and practical skills so that you can take your leadership from here to there. I'm very excited about the diverse faculty joining us at this years Summit. They bring a blend of high challenge ideas and fresh perspectives that will invigorate your leadership... and provide tools that you can immediately apply. You’ll learn how to be selective... in executing the ideas that matter most, identify key ingredients of successful turnarounds, instill and reward virtues that accelerate teamwork, navigate cultural difference using the most effective methods possible, harness the power of emotional intelligence and build cultures that value efficiency and effectiveness. The full line up for our 2016 Summit includes and myself. Everyone wins when a leader gets better. but what about when an entire team gets better? Independent research shows that 83% of leaders who attend consecutive years of the Summit experience improved teamwork, increased job satisfaction, and greater productivity. Do whatever it takes to bring your entire team to the Summit And when you do, you’ll find it has an exponential effect on your entire organization and you’ll become more effective as a leader taking your organization from here to there. See you at the Summit!

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