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El apocalipsis en el cine

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There are many movies in which humanity has suffered a terrible threat disaster management, alien invasions, deadly virus Anything is allowed to jeopardize the human race The so famous climate change is responsible for that tomorrow there is a sudden change in climate causing A new ice age, which is extinguished almost all of humanity Outer space leads to the next threat to the planet earth this time as a meteorite which threatens to impact the earth and cause terrible disasters but no fear, because a group of experts oil drilling with a two-week course are launched into space to detonate the asteroid By the way, are American, so there is nothing to fear They are the best in their work I also ... and I'm not so optimistic Also have to thank this country that will save us from another disaster, this time in the form of alien invasions Will Smith leads the attack on the ship last Nutriza in which it participates to the very same president of the United States And the alien threat, we went to war against the machines manmade: Are for TERMINATOR II and MATRIX, the first one, a supercomputer named Skinner, takes over the world arms unleashing a terrible war, a young man named John Konnor, is the key in the future, he will lead the resistance who In Matrix however, the machines we cultivated and used as fuel While we do believe that we live in a normal world Only a small group has managed to escape, led by Leo, the chosen tried to save the land of this terrible slavery "There are changes, Clerk, endless change, where human beings no longer perfect, they are grown " This weekend marked a before and after the science fiction film revolutionary for its aesthetics and its amazing special effects Another way to end the human race are biddus in 28 days we can see how dangerous it is to lead animals infected green that is very Consequently, nearly all the population of Britain is in a state of murderous rage In the case of "I Am Legend" not only the UK that is infected, but the entire world population has become bloodthirsty vampires "ALL? NO Will Smith will be in charge again, trying to save us from yet another danger that threatens our planet ...

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Country: Colombia
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Posted by: kminarvaez27 on Apr 24, 2011

Observa algunas pelìculas apocalìpticas...

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