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My Movie2

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I killed my ex-husband He was everything I lived for ’til I found that he was into guys My harsh words crushed him If I would’ve kept my mouth shut He would still be with me 'cause of that I started to drink Had a new man each day “Come to me babe” that’s what they said Safety is what I was looking for So I stayed at the Flamingo Had a thing with a younger man Until his father found out I was fired, and homeless, I'm coming to you Ste- Stella, Stella, Stella Stella for star I lost Belle Reve and have nothing at all I need to calm my nerves so prepare the bath Let me put up the lantern Oh good God, that light is so bright My sister Blanche I welcome you here to New Orleans Stanley's coming soon, he's buying some meat What happened to Belle Reve? Oh dear, I missed you so much I know it's not a nice house But it's just what we need It's okay 'cause I love him even though he's impulsive Stanley is back and it's poker night We need to get out of here Blanche turn down the radio Stanley is getting angry I need to end the poker night I got angry Then he slapped me I ran to Eunice Where is my star? We should keep these colored lights going on My pregnant girl can't stay up there Oh babe please forgive me Stella don't listen to Blanche Her stories are fake, she fooled my friend Mitch along with everyone else She said she was pure even though she was not She got kicked out of Laurel Stella your sister's disturbed How about taking a swim, a moonlight swim at the old rock quarry? If anyone's sober enough to drive a car! Ha-ha! Best way in the world to stop your head buzzing! Only you've got to be careful to dive where the deep pool is-- If you hit a rock you don't come up till tomorrow... How’s the baby doing? Wait where Shep Huntleigh? I’m still waiting for him Stay away, stay away from me!

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Posted by: yasmine on Mar 15, 2016

My Movie2

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