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Fadi Chehadé Opening Speech (Part 2) | ICANN 46 | Beijing | 8 Apr 2013

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Okay. We have a little surprise announcement for you. Many of you have heard in the last few weeks that, as part of our globalization and internationalization strategy, we plan to change the posture of ICANN from an organization that is largely operated from the U.S., so that we can have a new posture, a posture that embraces the world. And so we will be taking the core ICANN operations and bringing them to the world as we have committed.

So, last week we have confirmed that we're moving forward with the provision of hubs in Singapore, to serve the Asia Pacific region, and in Istanbul, to serve Europe, the Middle East and Africa, in addition to our hub in Los Angeles, serving the north and south of America. These are very important changes in ICANN and ones that follow through on our commitment in Toronto to start changing the center of gravity of ICANN and to bring it to the world. And, as I have committed to all of you, not only we will be building teams in these hubs, but also many of the leadership team of ICANN will be in these hubs, including myself. I will be for the first year rotating, living across the hubs with my family, so we can give the message that we are going to the world.

And, in this spirit, around these three hubs, we plan to establish many local engagement centers. And these are important so we can get even closer to our stakeholders in each region. And so, I am happy today to announce that we will have our first engagement center, besides the hub, in Asia. And for this, I would like to first invite our distinguished guests. So, Minister Bing, if you could please come up to stage on behalf of the Chinese government. Madam Hu, please, on behalf of the Chinese Internet Academy, please come up. Mr. Shi, on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Huang, on behalf of CNNIC. Of course, our own Dr. Xiaodong Lee, please come up. And from our team, I'd like Dr. Steve Crocker, our Chairman, and Sally Costerton, the head of our global engagement. Please come on up, please.

Thank you.

So, today we're announcing the first engagement center of ICANN in Asia, and it will be in Beijing!

Thank you.


We promise.


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Fadi Chehadé Opening Speech (Part 2) | ICANN 46 | Beijing | 8 Apr 2013

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