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A Youth Makes Up for Lost Time

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Every person wants to get ahead. But some find bumps more than others. For Apollos Ross gang violence meant dropping out of his senior year Now at 18 he's making up for lost time. With the help of New Door Ventures A program that helps at risk youth get ready for work in life. He was recently placed in three month internship at Mission Pie. Today, he's goals are clear One of the most important goals is getting my GDE definitely Another goal is finding a job that I can keep for a while I just got to a point where if he felt like he was going to have that many problems like gang problems, people getting expelled or suspended. Police coming to schools Then just wait until you turn 18 then you can go somewhere to get your GDE or your high school diploma. That'll be a lot safer without risk ** There is another program that can help him get away from all that stuff and find something positive. This onsite training program has been a learning process for Apollos I'm more confident when I go to work First when I started, I was probably a 3 and now I'd say I'm a 7 I also have to work on keeping the same peace, working hard at everything Getting things right. Then if I do that I'll probably be a 9 maybe a 10 one day. We definitely have seen Apollo grow in terms of his own awareness of what's challenging about the job in terms of learning how to get through whatever moments might be hard, scary, things that are challenging, things that are tedious He's doing a good job And he's staying very present and very honest in his interactions with us Today, Apollos is taking a practice test at new doors to asses what academic areas he will need a tutor in --another service rovided by new door Another process in getting my GDE I have to take a couple practice tests first Then I'll try to take the full test Math is not my thing at all, Everything else I'm pretty good at His weakness in math has proven to be a challenge at work. I think just watching people do the cash register it looks so easy and when I go to the cash register I have to use a calculator and add them all up Karen Highsler hopes that Apollo walks away from this experience with a sense of confidence to prepare him for the difficult job market ahead. It's not an easy time for young people to find work The stronger the sense of his competency is the better that process will be. Then there's so many things that interns learn here that are really transferable You know, how to relate to customers how to talk to adults This program helps you with a GDE I think you'll keep more kids from getting into trouble so they can have a place to go to and take GDE's and get a job For Apollos, learning is not only about job skills the responsabilities that transfer to his home life He's a lot more aware of different things that he kinda used to have a tendency to let pass Like cleaning his room, doing chores the basic things. And he's learned how to be more responsible too I'm glad my mom gave me the papers and said sign them I was like 'no, I don't know what it is' and then I signed them How is it? it needs more hot sauce.

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Posted by: missionlocal on Jul 28, 2009

Every young person wants to get ahead, but some find more bumps than others. For Apollos Ross, gang violence meant dropping out his senior year. Now at 18, he’s making up for lost time with the help of New Door Ventures. A program that helps at risk youth get ready for work and life. He was recently placed in a three-month internship at Mission Pie. Today, his goals are clear.

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