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Detailed leacrtue on Sufism by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi part 1/8

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I seek refuge and protection in Allah from Satan, the accursed In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Dear Fellows! Assalam o Alaikum (peace & blessings be upon you) This is my first chance of visiting this area of yours. The purpose of my arrival is neither political nor to hurt any sect and even not to criticize the government. There are people of divine (pure) heart in every city, in every town, and in every home; the purpose of my arrival is to bring those (people of divine heart) out and to send the voice of heart into their hearts. There were two types of knowledge in the period of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] one for the people of ‘tongue’ that is called Shariat and one for the people of ‘Hearts’ that is called Tareeqat (Mysticism). In the era of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], those who just limited themselves to the ‘apparent Knowledge’ among them some became ‘Khawarij’(expelled), some of them became hypocrites and those who attained that ‘knowledge of Heart’ along with it, they were called to be Companion of Prophet (Sahabi), and they have gone after getting the rank highest than the saints. Now, that ‘knowledge of tongue’ is known to everyone that is present with religious scholars - Maliki, Shaafi, Hambli, Hanfi – all of these are in Shariat and that ‘knowledge of Heart’ is present with saints Chishti, Naqishbandi, Qadri, Suharwardi.This knowledge was transferred to the saints. Religious scholars taught how to offer prayers and got our bodies stand in the court of God while saints helped the ‘souls inside these bodies’ reach God. As the scholars live near to us, and we meet them daily --- even five times a day. For this reason, everybody knows their teachings and Saints as they come sometimes after long period, they live very far from us, and they meet to very few people this is why their teachings have been very scarce/rare. When the teachings of the saints disappeared and only the apparent teaching left which has made 72 sects --- created dissemination and revulsions among Muslims. Now, we say that Muslims should find a true/original sect. Which was that true/original sect? Every sect calls themselves to be true. They held squabbles and dialogues with one another. Everyone called himself to be true. Neither this has won nor would they have won. Then, which one of them is true? Nowadays there are Sunni, there are Shi'as, and there are Wahabis. So many sects are there. All of them --- Sunni, Shi'as, Wahabi, Deobandi, Parvezi --- make all of them stand peep deep inside them - all of them are ‘Black’ from inside. Then which one would be true? The one which would be true would have never been ‘Black’ from the inside. There had neither been Sunni nor Shia nor Wahabi in the period of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. There had been Umti (The Follower) only in the time of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. And the Ummti is 'one' Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] says “Umti is one who has the Light of God (Noor)”. It is also in the Hadith Sharif (prophetic tradition) that “In the Day of Judgment the Ummah's (nations) will be recognized through the (Noor) Light They were Ummti; is there any sect today calls themselves to be Ummati? How they would declare when they don’t possess Light (Noor)? Ummti’s were containing Light, when that Light gradually disappeared they started becoming Sunni, Shia, and Wahabi. If that Light will come again inside you, you will never say yourself that I’m a Sunni, I’m a Shia, or I’m a Wahabi. You’ll say only that I’m your Umti Ya Rasoolal’allah [PBUH]. This is enough for you. Now, people think you must have heard from forefathers that these hearts chant Allah-Allah… must have heard this. Mostly people say that “they (hearts) used to chant now can’t do”. Many say that this is only an illusion. This heart is a piece of flesh; how this can chant Allah-Allah? If you become certain that this piece of flesh can really chant Allah-Allah Believe me – you won’t have a rest without doing this; you’ll not get asleep without this. But, you say that this is nothing but an illusion. We have seen heart. It is a piece of flesh. And the Darveish (saints) say that “this tongue is also a piece of flesh” how this can chant Allah-Allah? If this piece of flesh can chant Allah-Allah then that ‘heart’ the piece of flesh that can also chant Allah-Allah. There are some creatures inside this body. This was a body same-like this --- made with clay. When those creatures were put in it- someone’s duty was to think, someone’s duty was to see, someone’s duty was to smell, someone’s duty was to walk and one creature’s duty was to only chant Allah-Allah. The names of those creatures are mentioned in Hadith Qalb, Ruh, Sirri, Khafi, Akh’fa, Ana, Nafs. These are creatures within your chest and when these creatures went out, you decease. And when those creatures enter, you start walking around. There is one creature whose name is ‘Akh’fa’. Just like jinns and angels are creatures similarly they are also creatures. There is ‘one’ creature named ‘Akhfa’ which is nestled in the middle of the chest. This creature speaks with this piece of flesh (tongue). If someone doesn’t posses this creature Akhfa, doctors say that the tongue is functional then why he is not speaking? The difference between human and animals is because of these creatures. If these creatures would be in animals they would also speak something, even they would speak in stammering. They too have tongues; isn’t it? Now, there is Akhfa to make this tongue speak. The piece of flesh (The Heart) that is inside is called Fawad in Arabic, and the creature that is linked with it is called Qalb (spiritual entity). The only difference is that the Akhfa is free while Qalb is covered under 180,000 layers. If someone awakes his Qalb then as this tongue chants Allah-Allah, the same way this heart will also chant Allah-Allah. But, how one will awake this Qalb? This is the only secret. If someone who is not aware of the quality of an egg, if it is said to him that “this (egg) will fly in the air and it will twitter”. He’ll reply “you are telling lie, it has neither legs nor wings nor even a tongue and you say that this will squeak --- this will fly in the air; I eat it daily by breaking it, there is nothing in it”. It (egg) is for your admonishment. Its name is 'egg' and inside you, according to mysticism there is a “baiza e’ nasuti” (The egg of human nature). There is a cock enslaved inside that (in the egg) and a cock of divine nature is enslaved inside it (in Human). That needs warmth from the outside. It needs strokes of Allah-Hu. That needs a hen and it needs a Murshid (the Spiritual Guide). What the hen will do? It will pass on heat according to its need. When she sees that the heat has exceeded; she will get up, later she will come back and sit again. Murshid will do? He will pass on the Light of God in your chest according to its caliber/wit. Now, when this egg will get broken; there is none to teach it. It will start twittering without getting lessons.

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 9, 2010
This address was delivered by His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan).

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