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Shure BLX Wireless Microphone System Review

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[Music Playing....................♪♫♪♫] Shure has come out with an economical UHF wireless microphone system. So for those of you that have longer distances to cover, say, above 100 feet...150 to 200 feet, between the transmitter and the receiver, you really want to stick with a UHF wireless system rather than some of the new 2.4 GHz systems, which are fantastic, but have a very short range, somewhere under 100 feet. But the problem or challenge with those systems has been the expense. Well Shure has addressed that by giving you Shure wireless quality in a more economical package. For instance, the bodypack is plastic, rather than metal, but it does have a toggle switch, a switch that you can actually feel when something's on or off, when the microphone is on or off, rather than a press button. So that works out really well.

The way you do channels in a UHF is you have a group Group B in this case and a channel "4." You simply match those up. The wireless handheld is a nice feeling handheld. It's got a Beta 58. You can get other capsules as well. But of course, as many of you know, this is my favorite capsule for male vocal. It's the microphone that I own and that I use. It's very smooth for male vocals. You've got that with this Shure system. But the thing I really want to point out is that it's an economical system with the ability to remote-mount the antennas. So you've got the BNC connectors here, so it will work with all of the Shure standard antenna distribution systems.

That way you can take and combine several channels. There is a rack tray available for these. You can combine those so you have one set of antennas with the antenna-combining system, but use multiple receivers and still get that 150 to 200 foot range which you need to have in a larger venue. So if you need an economical system, but you need it UHF and you need to be able to go the long distances, then I'd really look at the BLX4. There are a couple of additional receivers that you need to know about, this is a super portable, "throw it in your backapack" no external antenna type of system. Now, when you don't have external antennas then your range is reduced. But this one will work outstandingly well, again, in that 100-150 foot range. It's easy to go ahead and take it around with you for portable situations. If you've got a lot of investment in the handhelds and the belt packs, and you've got a fixed installation, but you need to take a few microphones around with you to do portable video work, or production work, you can grab a few of these and put them in your backpack and take them with you for portable field production. They work out really well. And, they have the dual-channel version as well.

So it's the BLX systems from Shure. Go ahead and click <a href=""></a> Click the link right under our window there and you'll get our best available price. [Music Playing..............♪♫♪♫]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Nov 14, 2013

Ron Simonson reviews the new Shure BLX Wireless microphone systems and explains why they are great to use if you need something that covers larger spaces. You'll learn why this system might serve you better than some of the new 2.4 GHz wireless systems that are better for shorter ranges.

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