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vince's monkey and crab play

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Thank you all very much for coming. The kids and I enjoyed putting this play together. Please enjoy. ♫♫♫♫♫ This is the middle of a deep woods. Here, monkey played energetically. We have nothing to eat! The monkeys began to check around and soon they seemed to have run across something of interest. "What's this?" they all asked inquisitively. It was the seed of a tree. Just then, a crab appeared. What's he holding? "Onegiri" (rice ball) song What (onegiri) shall we have today? Let's have umeboshi! (pickled plum) It's salty! ♫ The Crab song ♫ That looks like a delicious onegiri (rice ball), doesn't it? "Thanks to the monkey," said the crab. No! We can eat lots, eh? So the crabs traded the highly valued onegiri (rice ball). The monkeys made short work of that onegiri! Meanwhile the crabs gazed at the seed. (Later, after the monkeys return to see the persimmon seed has grown into a tree and the fruit ripe). Hello. Looks good, doesn't it? So the monkeys skilled at climbing climbed the persimmon tree The persimmons looked so delicious they immediately began devouring them. Then the crabs came to gather under the persimmon tree. Are we done? Not yet! The monkeys we're pigging out. So the crabs got closer. But the monkeys said, "not yet!" The crabs could hardly stand it any more. Give us some! Here's one. The monkeys brought some over. As the monkeys gathered around the "inori" (hearth) They let loose with wild dancing When the monkeys looked outside they saw the... "usu" (mortar as in "mortar and pestle") Yes, it took on living form So the monkeys said We're sorry!

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Posted by: spiri on Nov 29, 2008

vince's monkey and crab play

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