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Klein Honda Guest Walkthrough

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This is a quick walk through on how to sign up for Klein Honda's maintenance program through the mobile app. Download the Klein Honda from the App Store or Google Play store. You will then open the Klein Honda app and click on "Login as a guest". This will take you to the guest dashboard where you can view the app, chat with the dealership for any questions about our plans and services, view our specials at the dealership, and sign-up for one of our maintenance plans. Before you can take advantage of the chats feature and view our specials, you will need to create a guest account that consists of your e-mail and phone number. Once you've created your guest account, your username will be your e-mail and your phone number will be your password. Now to view the plans that Klein Honda has to offer for your vehicle. you will click the "Am I Eligible" button to begin the process. You have two options; prepaid or monthly. Our prepaid option has plans that you pay one price for to cover a range of services depending on the plan you choose. Our monthly maintenance plans are recurring monthly payments for maintenance that will cover many of your manufacturer recommended services. As we continue, you will select the type of oil your vehicle requires, then you will select the current mileage of your vehicle. On this you can opt to select your VIN number by pressing the "VIN Scan" icon or you can type it out and select the make, model, and year. This is a quick example of how you can use the VIN scanner. Some vehicles have the barcodes and some have QR codes, either one of those work and once it scans it will automatically populate your vehicle's information and then you can continue. On this page you can view all plans eligible for your vehicle. Click on the plan to advance to the next page and you can view all services available under that plan. If at any time you need assistance there is a chat icon at the top right corner that you can click on and it'll open up a chat to someone at the dealership that can help answer any questions you may have. This page will give you a full detailed list of every service that is covered under this particular plan. Once you have decided on a plan, if you just click the "Buy Now" button, you will need to create a guest account if you have not done so already. So you want to make sure that you use an accurate e-mail address and phone number. Your e-mail will become your user name and your phone number will become your password that you can re-login and view all the services available under your plan, chat with the dealership, and much more. Once the account has been created you'll click the "Buy Now" button again. This will pull up all the credit card information that you'll need to fill out. Things such as first name, last name, credit card number, credit card type, expiration date, security code, if it's a company card, your billing address information, and your phone number. Once all that information has been entered, you will click the pay button to continue with your purchase. Once the payment has gone through, you will see a confirmation letter and also receive an e-mail confirmation. Click the "Continue" button to go to your new account. Here you can view your services, schedule appointments, chat with the dealership, view specials... view our Marketplace where you can purchase services and accessories for your vehicle, and you will also earn XP just by using the app. The more XP you have, the better the rewards. Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to use our chat system and a Customer Representative would be more than happy to assist. Thank you for choosing Klein Honda and have a great day!

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