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2016 1 20 Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI MOD4 4e

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Frequently dashboards have a lot of content, which requires you to scroll to see it all, such as in this case. The easiest thing to do in this case if you want to see all of your content is to enter into full screen mode, which is this button right here. When I click it, it enters into the browser's full screen and there's no Chrome. In this case, we had so much content we are still not seeing it all. So if we really need to see everything, we could use this button right here to enter into fit-to-screen mode. This will make sure no matter what, you see all of your content. We call this TV mode because a lot of our users use this mode to display their dashboards on hallway displays within their company. Additionally while in full screen mode, you can still do things like enter into reports. Once you're in a report, you can use these left and right arrows to move between pages. And you can use this back button to act like the back button in your browser. Another way to ease look at real estate is to do what I have here, which is have the navigation closed. If you wanted to send this dashboard to someone in your company and you want it to automatically open up in this view with the navigation closed, you can just append the URL parameter, collapse navigation equals true, and whenever anyone goes to this URL, the navigation will automatically open up closed. Another good URL parameter you can use is chromeless equals true. When you use this URL parameter, the dashboard will automatically open up in full screen mode. So these are three really easy ways to get more real estate on your dashboards and make sure you can see as much content as possible.

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Posted by: csintl on Feb 9, 2016

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