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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~12:00:40 - 12:15:40

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And don't take batteries from the remote control, understood? ― And some more, some more. ― If you lose, then you'll not see... ― Now she will play, right? ― Twice. ― With one... ― Zhanna, hurry up. ― Two two. Three, two. Three two. Roma, Roma, don't shake it like this, hold the toy better. Sit down and come closer. ― Three. ― Let me set the game for two. ― Why? ― Well, you'll play together, OK? ― Zhanna. ― It's good. ― Oh, what did I do! ― Two. ― That's mine. And this... Can I choose another man? ― Your batteries are low, Roma. ― No, they aren't! ― They are! Look! It's blinking! Your batteries are low. ― Another... Yes, there! Yes. ― So, we'll play one by one, yes, Zhanna? ― Roma, enough, don't disturb. We'll play one by one, yes? One on one. ― You know, I will play after you. ― We'll play twice. ― No, once. ― Twice. ― Alright, I'll play twice as well. ― So what, I will play once and you'll play twice, yes? ― No, why? Two on two. Now, set it for two! Zero. Press the house. Oh, Zhanna, look! Wow. Three-three. We'll play three times. Just a sec. Four. Three four. Four-four. ― Five. ― If one... Will you be offended? Yes. And where is yours? Give it! Quickly put it back. ― So what, I will play once and you'll play twice? ― Yes. ― No, I will... ― Ah. ― I will play twice. Come on, turn it on. You see the light? I don't. Over there! Ah, and what? And what? And what, Zhanna? And what? And what, Zhanna? I am winning. Well, I'll show you. ― Give it to me quickly! ― It's yours, look there. Look down, there, you see? So... So what, I'll play once and you twice?, yes? ― Yes. ― I'll play twice as well. Are you winning? Thanks, it's out. Hahaha. If you lose, I will play. ― So, you will play twice and I'll play once. ― How many times did I play? Ah, once. I am winning. If they win, you'll let me play. And you'll play only once. You know, you will also play once only. It would be nice to start from them. Let them. Stop taking photos! Two-two. Now it will be three. Set the longest. ― Long? ― Yes, it is. ― Will you set it for me as well? ― Yes. ― Lets play once, Zhanna? Only once. Because twice it's not interesting. ― You'll play too. I don't want to play twice. So, I will play twice. Alright, I'll play twice as well. Kitten! Good kitten. Take that! Oleg, who are you supporting? Are you supporting me or them? ― I am supporting Zhanna. ― I will win. Set it for both of us, please. ― Your batteries are low. ― For a minute. It's charged. No, Zhanna, set it for two, please. ― Give it to me, Zhanna. ― We are playing twice! ― Argh! ― We are playing twice. ― You played once, so you'll play one more time? ― Yes. Just set it for two players, Zhanna, not like this. ― Oh, lets choose another game. ― No, no. ― No, you'll not choose, I will. Yes, start here from the beginning. ― I can't set the game for two, your batteries are low. ― No! Zhanna, you'll play twice again? ― You'll play one more time and then you'll give it to me. ― Yes. And I will play twice, but something different. I'll play a different game. ― The longest! ― Zhanna, why are you setting the longest? If you set the shortest you can win. ― Why do I need... ― Zhanna... ― No. ― I will bring you... ― No. ― Only for you. ― Do you want? ― No. ― Vasya, who are you supporting? ― You, of course. Oleg, you are supporting them, aren't you? ― I am supporting you, Vasya is supporting you. ― Roma, Roma! Don't shake this toy, put it here. Kitten will sit here. Yes. I scored a goal. ― Roma, are you supporting me? ― Yes. I missed my out, I missed my out, I missed my out. If they... If they... If they hit your eyes, it means... they have this down, yes? ― What? ― If they beat your eyes you'll have that small ball down, yes? ― I don't know. Don't beat... Don't beat. ― I have... ― One-two. ― Roma doesn't want. Oh. And now two-two. They have? I have two and they have two points. Three-two. Who said? Shoot! Don't be afraid! Don't trick our girl. ― Did they score? ― Yes. Ah, I did it to myself! It's my service now! ― Give it to me, please, Zhanna. ― I want to score. ― They scored themselves. ― Oh, Zhanna, oh, shoot! Don't be afraid, two-one. ― If they have, if... ― Three-one. Three-one, Roma, don't be afraid. Roma, four-one, four-one! ― Four-one. ― Zhanna, let's repeat everything. ― No, no! I'm last. ― Lets play twice, otherwise it's not interesting. ― Yes. ― It's too long to play three times. ― Dinner is ready. You played once and that's it.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 84
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 2, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 12:00-12:15 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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