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Mouvement Pour l'Autosuffisance Alimentaire.flv

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Presents Mouvement pour L’autosuffisance Alimentaire - MAA (Movement for food sufficiency and food security) Let’s get to know MAA MAA is a movement which struggles for food security of the Vulnerable groups Eric Mangar – Director We have chosen that name because food security implies producing food locally for our local people The MAA is a national local organization which was registered in 1986 Today it is engaged in the food security of vulnerable people When I say vulnerable people, I’m referring to those who are at risk of losing their basic capital at any moment. How did it all start? It started in 1981, when Mauritius was facing its worst economic crisis of that time, and we had to help head of vulnerable families to look for jobs in the agricultural sector to address unemployment problems For instance, unemployment rates were reaching 40% in the North of the island So, we had to put them in some self-help projects, more specifically in the field of Agriculture. We founded this NGO to provide assistance to improve the food and nutrition security of vulnerable families, And also because Mauritius is a net food importing country. It is therefore important to explain to local people that they should learn to grow their own food. How many members do you have and how do you operate? We have around 50 active members comprising some volunteers and those who want to give their time to the MAA. We also have some affiliate members who are also beneficiaries of the movement. We have 3 different financial sources. Our present budget has been funded for the last 23 year by Bread for the World of Germany. But we also have a farm which has its own means of financing, that it, it is autonomous. We have hens and chicken enclosures for the community egg projects. Also, many existing projects have been prepared by the MAA for its different groups and these have either been funded by the UNDP GEF Small Grants Program or the European Union or other local financing agencies that promote such projects. On which projects have you been working and which project do you presently have? It’s already been 25 years that the MAA is engaged in micro egg production projects in 57 villages and suburban zones across the island. We help families to produce from 5 layers to produce eggs at household; around 25 eggs per week, which enable them to meet their nutritional needs. The second project is concerned with the dairy production; this is in the context that Mauritius is spending around 2 billion rupees in milk powder import for our annual needs. We have thus seen that it is important to re-launch milk production in Mauritius. Therefore, together with the government we are setting up some milk pasteurization plants in Mauritius. Two pasteurization plants are already operational at Triolet and Henrietta villages respectively. And two others will be soon in operation at Rose-Belle and Nouvelle Decouverte villages. We are also engaged in deep-sea fishing for artisanal fishermen Therefore, it is vital that we remove these 2500 fisherman from the lagoon. We have already built a boat for the 18 fishermen of Grand River South East; a boat measuring 47 feet and we are constructing another boat of 56 feet in Sri Lanka for the MED cooperative society, which was selected to benefit this project. The MAA is also engaged in in the whole South East region with agro-processing projects. There we have the construction of drains, especially for the producers of onions; but we also want to protect the Mars onions because today they are considered our agricultural heritage So out there, we will have an agro-processing unit which will open soon and we’ve already begun the construction of drains in the plantation fields. Another project area in which MAA is involved is with people who weave Vacoas baskets in Mauritius. Our aim is to encourage people to use these Vocoas woven baskets and reduce the use of plastic bags. This project is funded by the UNDP GEF and here we’ve given structure to the community of weavers in the region and now that they are structured, they are making products for l’Aventure du Sucre. They will also have a center that will allow them to perform their activities more professionally. What is very interesting is that there is a program that we’ve initiated with the help of Bois des Forêts, where we are planting Vacoas trees on the whole shoreline and mountains of the South East, and this is helping to control the erosion of the mountains. MAA needs the support of the citizens of Mauritius. It is important for the public to support our organization because it is the only food security organization in current existence in Mauritius The tendency now is the disappearance of other agricultural organizations and if MAA disappears on day, a part of our history and the work done to care for food security will disappear. We need to deal with the food security of all the vulnerable people in our country, especially regarding the fact that food is becoming increasingly expensive and that it is important for the MAA to be here and for the public to lend a helping hand, to give the MAA the chance to continue to help the vulnerable people in our society. To contact the MAA, call on +230 466-0271 or email them on [email protected] For more information contact us on [email protected]

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Mouvement Pour l'Autosuffisance Alimentaire.flv

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