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Liberland on Israeli Chanel 10

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that makes it all Semion, thank you very much We take a short break after which we will be here with the story of the little country called Liberland A country without taxes wthout government intervention And at the moment also without residents because the Croatian authorities are barring access to the country despite the fact that 200,000 people have already sought citizenship In a moment, the President of the State in a special interview Here with us coming back shortly "The Tzinor" With Guy Lerer We are back with the special interview we have made with the President of the State of Liberland For real ?What's Liberland Liberland is a country free from government intervention at least according to the declaration Here is a brief explanation of its history edited by Maya Nahor A no-man's-land area of ​​7 square kilometers between Croatia and Serbia Was announced in April 2015 as a new country in the world Liberland Vít Jedlička is the president of the state, currently numbering 0 inhabitants Within a week of its establishment two hundred thousands citizenship applications were received from all over the world Despite the fact that no country in the world has yet recognized its existence ,Liberland already has a flag a constitution - and even a motto "To live and let live" The main ideology is extreme liberalism Minimal involvement of the state in the lives of its citizens No regulation No taxes No army On white sand, let us build Liberland So in the meantime there is no one there and the police forces of neighboring Croatia encircle the country so that it will not be possible to enter it because of the great potential of reaching it This is what happens to those who try to reach the beach just like an illegal immigrant ship "You have broken the international law" No entry And now, lets welcome the President of Liberland Vít Jedlička Which is on a royal visit to Israel Good evening mister president Good evening ,First of all ?What are you doing in israel ?And how do you like it so far It is great, people are great, the weather is great And we are doing a very good job in building diplomatic relations I was amazed how popular is Liberland with the diplomatic community here Two thousand people, two thousand Liberlanders are living here in Israel Ok, so what is the current status of Liberland Other countries, your neighbours, don't allow people in at the moment ?Is that right No, it is very positive The situation is that Croatia says this piece of land is Serbia's and Serbia says they don't mind the creation of Liberland But we just need to earn it and be able to prove to the world that we deserve to occupy this territory ?So what is stopping you now Physically, I mean Liberland-Croatia borders are probably the best protected borders in the world There is roughly 45 Croatian police men that are protecting the territory all the time They are there because of Liberland and they don't even let Croatians to go to this territory becuase they say that there is an international border between our two countries Okay, let's talk about the otopic when Liberland will be occupied with people and you will have your own state to run ?How will it run if there are no taxes How are you goind to build the roads for example There will be taxes, we have a system of a voluntary taxes Those taxes actually earn you merits, that make you being basically a part of the country It is not true that there are no taxes, we are not tax haven, we are tax heaven and it is slightly different concept Buf if I live in Liberland and something bad happens to me Let's say I need a lot of money for a surgery, for example A service that countries give sometimes ?How will I know how will you run it ?How will I be protected as your citizen First of all, as a normal person you will have your insurance and that insurance will cover you for this kind of events and if not, of course you have to rely on charities but the state is not going to organize social security for its citizens and I think it's much better that way But let's say a citizen of your country says "It's my decision, and I don't want private insurance" Then what? You let them die on the streets because they don't want private insurance That's not gonna be that way, we are going to privately run charities and churches that will take care of the people that don't insure themself. And how are you going to protect yourself if Croatia, for example, will decide to attack you, and occupy you They are much stronger I belive that Croatia is also a peaceful loving country We are not trouble makers Lichtenstein was never attacked, even by Hitler It was just considered too funny to attack Lichtenstein sometime in the history And I hope that the same will apply for Liberland ?Are you now in exile, by the way Yes, the whole government is now on exile but we are preparing also waves of immigration to Liberland and I have felt this common history, the experience that we are having those hundreds of people arrested when they arrive to their land The same thing happens to us right now Same same We never had a President in our show, so we are very honored to have you and good luck with your new country, Liberland Thank you very much Mr. President Thank you Thank you very much and I hope to see you in Liberland, and maybe as a citizen as well I am not coming if I do not get an offer for at least a vice president, you know And all of the socialists who sit down and say what is that bullshit Establish a state as well and prove your point Like them So far "The Tzinor" for this evening Subbed by Roi Bismuth for the State of Liberland

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