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Being in the Public Eye. Sadhguru

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i have not given such a privilege to anybody that they can offend me see..once you stand in the public and try to do this work which is not you a way you must see this in India the hindus think I'm against them the hindus firmly think that i am dead against their religion the muslims of course think I'm a hindu and I'm against them the christians think I'm against them all the major communities think I'm against them so they're not going to make it easy for you to work...okay they are going to do many things because they are all established parties and they have all the tricks in the bag that no politician has all those tricks the religions have in their bag, isn't it? and... so many things happen not just because of that, even socially simply because people don't understand what you're doing its of immense value to anybody who comes in touch with it. but people have problems with it all the time. see, the ashram even today, it doesn't have a gate okay, people, anybody can walk in but somebody sits in the forest and puts on binoculars and looks what is happening in the ashram. you can walk in any time because there is no gate but they will sit there and watch and they will come to all kinds of conclusions because there are various kinds of people. there are people in different states of ecstasy and at certain times they are like inebriated they are like crazy they are they are just letting their you know spilling their ecstasy a little bit if somebody looks at them from a distance they look like they are either drunk or they are on drugs or something but the next moment if you just call him, next moment he will be perfectly okay and get back to work once in a way he is just enjoying his inebriation inner drink so people look at him from a long distance and think oh, ashram is full of drugs so like this, there is no accusation, there is nothing that I have not been accused of in my life nothing at all anything that man can do and cannot do, people have accused me of all those things there was a time, a huge campaign was run against us in the press and the local tabloids all kinds of things they accused they said he's mesmerizing people and stealing people's kidneys and exporting it to united states. they wrote like this...okay and somebody, one press person came and asked, is it true that you are mesmerizing people taking away their kidneys and exporting it I said yes it is true it is just that I'm not getting enough kidneys to export I don't even have enough for my breakfast yet so you write it, its ok. tell them I am not finding enough kidneys for breakfast so when I find enough then maybe I'll export when I have excess so there is nothing that you get accused and it's not funny because they don't make your life easy okay, at every point they will put up blocks and everything that anything and everything you know it's if those things can bother you then there's no end to it so i have not given the privilege to anybody that somebody can offend me nobody can, it doesn't matter what they do there's no question of causing disgrace to me because I have found something within myself that nobody can disgrace it doesn't matter what they do

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru if he ever gets offended. Sadhguru reveals several stories about accusations and working in the public eye. (SaO60)

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