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Blogging and the communicative Competences in the EFL (K12 Online Conferences)

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I am Cristina Arnau talking from Braitla a town near Barcelona Spain. I will be sharing with you my experience with blogs in the EFL class. I'll be talking about blogging and the communicative competences. I work as a foreign language teacher in ESEM fragata an high school in Fragata. My students are from 12 to 18 years old. I love coloborative work which I think is the key for success when we are teaching. At the moment, I'm also involved on a comenius project I mean we are doing a change with Swedish high school I'm also a webcastor from Puentes Al Mundo. I'm interested in radio program for teenagers. All the new things in the class such as web 2.0.I'm finally I'm terribly interested in communicative competences. because I think that great communicative skills are essential for success nowadays. From 2007, I'm using blogs in my English classes. What is a blog? The term blog was called by George Barger in 1997.. I refers to simple web page consisting of brief paragraph of opinion.. information, personal diary entries or links arranged chronologically. I think a blog combines text, images, links to other blogs, web sites and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in interactive pattern is a important part of many blogs. In our English classes we can use blogs for real world writing experience. We can also use blogs to prolong discussion outside of the classroom.. to give quickly feedback to students and the studets to each other to share photos, videos, writing with their partners and comments. But what type of blogs exist? There are many types of blog.There are personal blogs of with experiences.. professional blogs where people spread information where we can find forums, news, or even blogs professional blogs where teachers give instructions.. to our students such as exercises and so on... but also we can find interactive blogs which are student and teacher blogs... such as class blogs, portfolios or exchanging blogs... changing blogs with other school, with other students and so on... Blogs can help to learn a foreign language. Blogs are a tool we can use in a work in classes. My experience has showed me that blogs are a place for communication, that blogs can improve written and oral competences, that blogs help to interact quickly between the students, teachers and parents, and also blogs can help to practise different types of texts because there is intearction and there is team work, too. Also, blogs sometimes, not always, but sometimes motivate our students. It is also way to learn to use our new technologies. They can work with their blogs everywhere and also it helps the diversity we have in the class, the different levels we have in our classes.

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Posted by: k12online on Nov 23, 2009

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