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Programa de Certificação do YouTube _ 08_Abril_14

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Hello, good afternoon We here at the Google office in São Paulo My name is Sandra, we met last week at the YouTube certification And today we will continue with two special moments In the first moment, Daniel Figueira, our live event expert on YouTube He will talk about a live event And afterwards, we'll have questions and answers from all the speakers who participated in our certification So, please send your questions Including the questions you have about Live Afterwards we will So we will now a forty-five minute presentation about Live And afterwards, questions and answers We have several very interesting questions And we are waiting for yours Ok? Let´s start Well, good afternoon everybody, My name is Daniel Figueira I work here on YouTube, I´m the expert in live And I'll talk a little bit with you about How does live work, When it is interesting to do it live And many other things, now for half an hour or about forty minutes Let´s start the presentation Come on, let´s go Here is a bit of agenda I'll say the reason why to do live It is not always interesting to do live, so I will talk about those times when it is interesting to do it live Because YouTube - Why do it live on YouTube How does, in general, a live show works Like this, not specific, nothing like that But how does this world of a live show works The types of live eventa we have on YouTube And then a Step by Step for you to perform a live event And during all this, we will show some of the best practices Things that are cool to do to have a really cool live event and a very successful one Here is an example of the recent live event I do not know if you followed it or not, but it was transmitted to a YouTube partner The Carnaval de Salvador, in If you want to go to the channel now I will not play the video here now But if you want to go in to watch, it is an example of a live event that was made on YouTube And had a great production and all that, but is only an example of live events, and why it is interesting to do this live event on YouTube We are now going to talk about that So, why live? Not all the content - You were accustomed to do Videos on demand , to record videos and upload them on YouTube But it is interesting to understand that in live events, it fits in certain contents You know, type of contents I´m not goint to talk about the complete content "Ah , makes any content that you have live, and makes it a success" No, that is not a truth So, there are three things that are important to remember when you do a live show And to see if your content belongs on that world The first is: is it valuable? Is it a valuable content only for that time? So, for example, news sports, a competitive match Are type of things that have a certain value at that time If you watch it later, it will not be as cool, it will not be as interesting Another thing is: A content that is interactive So, if you want to participate For example, here We are asking you to ask questions, we are going to reply to them later So, this interaction between who is doing a live event and who is watching is really cool And any content in this kind of thing, its very interesting to do it live And the last thing is: Exclusive content Imagine that you have a show house where can fit around five hundred people And that´s it, it will sell out, your home show will be fully booked And five hundred people are going to watch the show, the event or whatever it is Through live, Live streaming You can expand this content to many more people A bigger audience So from these five hundred people you will get how many people that want to watch it And this is only one for the advantages from YouTube Because it is a free platform Then you just need to have a computer and a connection to make a live show Today, any channel on YouTube in good conditions can make a live show It works on many devices In Smartphones both iOS and Android In Tablets, Google TV, Desktop So YouTube - The same way that On Demand videos are released for all these platforms, and so is the live show. And another cool thing is that , if you do a live event following the best practices With a cool promotion and everything else , it can serve as gas for your channel As a Boost It is an event where many people, not everyone who is already subscribed to your channel But too many people who don´t know your channel Maybe they find out about your channel via this live show You can also help not only to have views, but to interact with their subscribers But also with other people who do not know your channel Here is an example of some content that we evaluate at this moment We have a partner, the Climatempo And they do, if I´m not mistaken, three or four I think they have three live shows a day So, its the content that if they record and upload it to the channel, and then the following day No one will watch the weather forecast from yesterday on the following day It already happen, everyone wants to know "Ah, what´s the weather like this afternoon here in São Paulo? Will it be raining?" So this is just one example of contents more valuable at the moment This is another example of a partner, that has a partnership with Netflix And he gets certain videos, movies, and has the right to Stream of that movie, and everyone goes in at the same time to watch, and is more or less, an experience to watch a movie together, so one person keeps chatting, commenting talking about the movie. So, its a very different experience watching the movie by yourself or with other people And the last example is TomorrowLand, is an electronic music festival, a super popular festival that sells out immediately So, TomorrowLand decided to do a live broadcast on YouTube to try to reach several people, this is an event with hundreds of thousands of people watching So, is a way for them to leave , expand the range of the festival to many more people So, why do a live show on YouTube? YouTube has several features, several very cool and interesting things on the platform, one of them is that you can do a Full HD broadcast, so if you have the technical requirements a capable machine, an internet able to upload you can do a broadcast in 1080p That is a pretty good resolution and with a really good quality And another cool thing is that you can do transcodification in the cloud which is basically I do not know if everyone understands that but its basically - Who is doing the live broadcasting You only have to send a resolution or bit-rate to YouTube The, for example, if you will make - If you have an internet able to, lets say, 10 Mb of upload You will transmit a stream of only about 1080p And YouTube will break those 1080p for all other resolutions, and all other platforms Smartphone. Tablet, etc. for you All in real-time So if a user doesn't have band to watch 1080p, YouTube will provide a stream of 360p, 240p, 480p, etc. Another thing I wanted to talk to you about, which is also very cool on YouTube regarding a live show is the ability to come back during the live show- the use comes back and watches something that might have missed, so, for example "Ah, I'm watching" and then he started watching the game "Damn, I missed the goal, there was a goal and I missed the goal" You can return during the live show to "Ah, let me find it here, blah blah blah, the goal was here" You watch the goal, and then go back to the part of the live show Got it? Its like rewind go back and watch that part you might have missed There are also other cool stuff, if you want to do a redundancy If you have a super critical event, you can have two computers making a redundancy in case there are any problems - Nothing happens with your live show So, as I said, you have - Live YouTube works in Smartphone Table, computers and is expanding to TV and etc. Enters into a platform and expands together. So, how does a live broadcast works? Do a live event is a little more complicated, times more complex than what everyone is used to, which is recording a video Edit it and make it available on YouTube Upload it Why? Because everything has to be in real time So how does it work? You have a source one or more cameras, capturing audio and video And the big difference from a live event is that you have an encoder Which is basically an equipment, it can be a little box it can be a computer with software, that takes that video and audio signal and encodes, packs and transmits tthat audio and video signal in real time to YouTube So, to do any live event, you must have a camera recording, microphones capturing audio and video, you can have a number of things You can have several different sources, you can have computers connected with switch, all that bunch of production equipment [Sandra] Profissional Professional, amateur, there are endless things in the production part But all this will end up in the encoder, that will then forward it to YouTube in real time. So, here are some examples There are free encoders, such as Wirecast our the Flash Media Live Encoder, both very popular There are others, for who is a Gamer, XSplit which is quite used by the Game world There are also free ones, such as OBS, Open Broadcaster Software which is an Open Source software, and there are others even on the other side that are highly professional equipment, dedicated hardware Equipment you put in racks, in data centers or whatever And exclusively dedicated to that Here is just one example, a screenshot of Wirecast For YouTube YouTube has partnered with Telestream, which is the company that develops this encoder named Wirecast So, there is a version of Wirecast, called Wirecast For YouTube that you can download for free. and use to do your Live Stream Lets now talk a bit about the type of live events that exist on YouTube, perhaps even to someone who has already tried to do a live event, maybe its a common question "Ah, what's the difference of a Hangouts on Air - " which is what we are doing now " - to a live event? For a live broadcast?" We divide this into an event type, which is the fast event used in Hangouts on Air, it´s fast because it is quick to set up And the other, personalized, you have more encoder options. of encoding So, basically there are these two types The main difference is that this encoder in the middle that I showed you earlier Both follow that same pattern to do a live event they have a capture equipment, an encoder e then, its broadcast to YouTube The difference is that in Hangouts on Air, your capture device will usually be the webcam, which is not the case here And the encoder is made by the Hangouts on Air itself Got it? So to capture audio and video from your camera go to your browser, for Chrome And Hangouts on Air encodes and broadcasts it all to YouTube So, you don´t need to configure a encoder You do not need to download a Wirecast, or something like that With the live event, you will need to download an encoder and configure it and everything else The advantages that you have when using an encoder is that you can, for example, do a redundancy You can have two encoders, and if one of them has a problem the other one with continue, got it? You can make - You can obtain quality, Hangouts on Air is made for this type of live events A Hangout, a chat, is something like that So, it will not maintain that super ultra mega best quality When you are doing, like, I don´t know [Sandra] Carnaval a show, Carnival, which is You will want quality, you will want to ensure that quality So, in these cases , is highly recommended a custom event which is how we call [Sandra] I have a question, Daniel But fast or custom, it does not have a time limit So, for example, I decide to do a Hangout on Air I can also do an hour as custom. Will it only change the quality? [Daniel] Right We have many live events on YouTube today that they call 24/7 (24 hours a day 7 days a week) that are live events that run - [Sandra] The whole day Yes, the whole day, 24/7 It has for example, Pet Collective, which is one of the partners They broadcast puppies, kittens Now they have some eagles, and some different things So, they also have traffic cameras which are 24/7 The news, that are playing 24/7 In Hangouts on Air , you can do pre-roll ads At the moment , you can not do any mid-roll And on the live event on YouTube you can do both the pre-roll and the mid-roll You can click on a button to insert an ad in the middle of your Live Stream These are those The main differences are here, but - Hangouts on Air also has a watermark of Google Plus, what you are seeing here, I think, in the upper-left corner and on the live event, it doesn't have one Next, now a basic Step by Step to do live event on YouTube I will not give all the technical details and all specifications, exactly as it should be But I will give a general idea of ​​how to make a live event on YouTube And then, you can search and read more about it So, before the event, the first thing you need to do is to enable a live event on your channel So, just go to the Video Manager, in Live Events, and click on this blue button and must say in the middle, "Enable live streaming" This will- [Sandra] Sees if [inaudible] And this will enable the live event, your channel just has to be in order to activate the live event in your channel After that, you will be able to do a live event There is just an one-time activation After the activation, you need to create the live event So, in the same place, on the Video Manager You'll see a button "New live event" Just click on this button And you will fill in the meta data, and will create your live event We recommend creating this live event in advance Because, the users can find your live event can add to the calendar, it begins to be indexed, appear in search and everything else So, we recommend to do this as soon as possible Here is also the place you will choose, it will be a quick event Which I didnt even talked about, in Hangouts on Air Or will it be a custom event where you will use an encoder like the Wirecast or the Flash Media Live Encoder So, just a reminder to use relevant meta data Because it is very important for people to find your event It has to have enough descriptive data about the event and all that, I think you had more on this during the certification the same thing goes for live events The third, and perhaps one of the most important things It's to promote your live event So, there are options for you to promote in its channel And it will also appear when you are creating your live event So, promote to the middle of the video programming Or promote on your channel page, will appear really big up there It will be highlighted Because the users - They have a very short period of time to finds your live event, which will be during your live event If it will be a 24 hours live event, it may be simpler But for an 1 hour event, it is important to do all this prior work of promotion and everything else In order in that 1 hour, the users can be online So it´s also important to promote elsewhere Other social networks, other tools the way you talk with the communities with its users , and promote your event in those communities Another interesting thing I 've seen lately the partners to, is create a promotional video, create a video a week before or the day before And saying "Ó, there will be a live event, this day, this hour Show up, lets participate, whatever, come to ask questions!" So, sometimes, a video helps to promote And another thing is to interact a lot with your community Here is only one example of One Direction where they did a live event on YouTube They called it "1D Day" And they asked people to send Art and photos with the flag of the country,~ and whatever So, its like, actually making people remember the event and participate in the event And the last step before the live event is to test It is very important to test, and if possible more than once Check, make a live test, make a simulation You can create a private or unlisted event on your channel To do that test You can see the quality, you can see how it works "Ah, this is working fine, its looking good!" So, it is very important to test, because when its time for your live event You have to be sure that everything will work You must know what is going on So, the best way to reach this point is to really test it [Sandra] There are some questions here, do you want to respond? -[Daniel] Yes, not a problem! -[Sandra] Let´s do it! [Sandra] The advertisements, I think you already answered It's from Vestibulândia, "What are the forms of advertising available for a Hangout?" "All of the conventional ones?" [Daniel] No, its In Stream pre-roll So before starting a Hangout, there will be an advertisement there, a video And for the live event, there both pre-roll and mid-roll like I mentioned before So, you - In the control room, I'll show you a little after But after you get your live event, there is a button for you to insert an ad So you can click, and it will insert an ad If there is a break, and everything, for the users who are watching [Sandra] The other is if "These custom Hangouts are paid?" No, everything is for free "or is it for free?" its always for free [Daniel] Everything is for free, yes, nothing has to be paid [Sandra] You are asking about the delay, "You have a normal delay time for these functions?" [Daniel] The delay- To whoever wants it- We are watching it, right? [Daniel] It is up to those who want to test the delay, its only testing You can do a live event, time it and see how long it is But I think that today, its always improving and changing and we keep improving this delay Because the delay is basically what is caused by whole this transcoding process, and transmit the video to the user, and all that It's what causes this delay Today, it should be in the range of approximately thirty seconds [Sandra] Maximum [Daniel] It is in its exact exact exact number, but in that order [Sandra] They now asked about the accesss we'll have to the videos, all videos are recorded The Hangout is recorded , and becomes immediately available Of course that only the participants in our community, which is a closed community Only the participants of the certification will have access So, this is a very important space also to ask questions and watch all, mainly Daniel´s live presentation As the next part of questions and answers I have one more, "The thumbnails are configurable?" [Daniel] In the custom and the live event, yes You can upload a thumbnail, sometimes only until a certain point One of the best practices for the thumbnail on a live event is to include something like "Live" And include a date and time, that´s what we usually recommend in order to a person to know, because sometimes that person clicks and - You click on a live event and it still didn't begun, and it shows a counter for when it will start And you think, "Hey, I thought it was going to be now" So, sometimes you place the date and time, so people will say "Ah ok, on that day" This is another way to promote, and for people to schedule it [Sandra] I have a question from Sissa "If you can teach a class?" Yes, Sissa, the content- Each creator or each partner can decide The class is available, recorded, depends if you want to do a Hangout on Air With a more basic structure, which it's like we're doing now Or if you want to place a more expensive production, with cameras and a higher quality encoding -[Sandra] Shall we move on? -[Daniel] Let´s go! So it was before the event, just doing a recap here You activate your channel, you create the event You promote the event , after that you test it to see if everything is OK Now, during the event, the day arrives and you start your live even So, you have a button in the control room, inside the Video Manager, Live Events I will not give every detail, but you will have a button for you to start transmission After transmission has begun in this control room, which basically means that you can leave control room open while you are doing your live event You can monitor the conditions of your transmission So, for example, if your internet disconnects or has network problems The transmission status goes to "BAD" or he will demonstrate So, you can monitor your entire transmission And you can also- Another YouTube cool feature is that you can generate videos On Demand during the live event So, you can- Let´s say, you're broadcasting a game, or you are transmitting something and had a special moment, you say "Damn, this here is really cool!" You can have someone, maybe not you But maybe someone else generating these videos On Demand during the live event itself So, you would not need to upload this small excerpt afterwards Since you are already transmitting to YouTube, YouTube will cut and will generate a video You insert there meta data, and there you go, its on your channel You can also follow the metrics of its live broadcast in the control room, you can see how many people are watching at that time, in what resolution they are watching How long are they watching, if there is any type of error You can also have an error report So it's a cool thing that you can see "Ah, there is that content!" Then the audience goes up, the audience goes down, you can track it in real time It is also important to say that during your live event, its important to continue promoting So, continue on your social networks to promote, posting links, telling people "Look, I'll start now!" or "It has started, we will interview this person!" So it is also very important After the event, what is important to do First is to stop your transmission, push that button "Stop the transmission" also in the control room And after that, after you stop broadcasting on YouTube Stop your encoder In case, if its a custom event, stop your Wirecast or your software or your hardware that is doing this coding And after that, you can go to YouTube Analytics and download a report to see how many views you had, and all those metrics I think you are already familiar with, you can also get those to the live events Its the last step [Sandra] I have some questions, do you want to answer? Here's a question from Sissa, which is "Where you charge a subscription, you can use that tool?" In fact, Sissa, we provide a tool Then it's up to each partner to use it, for all users in reality Its a platform and its available Now, how will it be used? Everyone who decides, there isn´t a- [Daniel] It is important to say that the following live event the same YouTube policies, The general Terms of Use [Sandra] Exactly [Daniel] So if its within the Terms of Use, you can use it If its not within these Terms of Use, then you can´t [Sandra] It is very important to read the Terms of Use [Daniel] It is one thing, for example, that its against the policies, to insert ads into the stream This is an example of something that is against the policies [Sandra] Exactly, because you have to enable this Ad already placed, not go there and do a product placement on something Here's a question from Arthur "We can do a live event, but not necessarily live?'" "Example: release a video that looks like its live, but previously recorded and saved in a computer file" [Daniel] Yes, it is relatively simple to do This encoder which I mentioned just now, for example - Let's use the example of Wirecast for YouTube In Wirecast for YouTube, you can - Your source can be a camera or microphone, it can also be a video So, you can select this video, that you've already recorded and use the Wirecast to broadcast this video like a source So it will be broadcasting to YouTube, YouTube will be receiving The little ball will be there, like it was a live event And for the user, it will be like its a live event, So yes , you can do it, you need to do a custom event Using an encoder that has this capability of using a video as source [Sandra] Then it already completed it, right? This is only for Live or also Hangout If you pre-recorded it, to then make it available [Daniel] Its like this, you can even do a Hangout, if you really want to You can, technically, do it But, let's say, the most common or standard its you creating a custom one [Sandra] "What are the limitations for the transmission of live audio in terms of sound quality?" [Daniel] Streaming live audio in terms- Today, the- There is one, if you look for- I think live coding requirements, or something No Help Center, there is an article that mentions exactly the specifications Today its 128kbps, Stereo Is the audio quality that you will receive in a live event If you are a a sound lover, you may know that it is no longer like this of the shows we have done with some partners and what we see, its a reasonably good quality so, from a personal point of view But the technical requirement is that one, 128kbps, Stereo [Sandra] "Tenza: How is that cut done during a live event?" [Daniel] To generate On Demand Videos? [Sandra] Yes! [Daniel] In the control room, you will have a player there in the control room that is broadcasting your live event The same way you go back, go forward in the video You will use this one, in English its "scroll bars" I´m sorry I, do not know the term in Portuguese But you'll use the bar there, and go back to the point that you what to insert in the beginning, there you will click on the button to mark the beginning Then you will put the bar where you want to mark the end You mark the end and then you cut the video So, it's basically mark the point of entry, the point of exit and cut the video [Sandra] There is a question here "What kind of analytics do you have after you finish a broadcast?" "If you have people who've been on a live event, at the same time" "The highest point of the transmission, what kind of data?" [Daniel] You have all the data that are today on YouTube Analytics for other videos And more specifically for the live event, in the control room, it will be- The data will be available there after the event You will get a graphic of people that are watching at the same time, so, you will have a- Is a real graphic, with each of the resolutions and "Ah, when you started the live event, you had ten people and has been increasing" "You´ve reached a thousand people, and then began to go down, and then increased again" So, you'll have a nice looking graphic of people that are watching over time You can also filter it by country, and you can also filter this graphic by- if it was on the watch page, or was in embed, or things like that We already are- [Sandra] Yes, after that you will finish, so there is another [Daniel] Alright, we are now at the very end So, here I was talking about after the live event So for your live event, will watch the metrics, you will analyze how it was And there is also a cool thing, a good practice is you - If you didn't do it during the live event, this cut of the best moments and all, is something you should do afterwards Get the best moments, because not everyone, after what happened to the live event Because if you did a live event, it means you had a reason to do it live So, many time, people do not want to watch two hours of content later, that, you know, will be of questions and answers One thing that is not so cool when it is not a live event Then a cool thing you do is to cut that one live, you can use YouTube Editor within YouTube itself and generate these other videos On Demand for your channel So, just as a summary Before the live event, you activate the channel You create the event You promote, and then you do the tests, to make sure everything is correct During the event , you start your live event, of course You monitor your event, through the control room And you continue promoting And after the event, stop and evaluate how it went, look at the data to see if people liked it, disliked it, how many people watched it And upload highlight videos of interesting things about the on demand video I know it was quite fast, its a subject that has quite a lot You can do a lot of cool things with a live event, but I wanted to tell you guys about all you can do for you to consider, if you have some content that its nice to interact with people, its cool , that makes everyone excited at that moment with that subject Consider a live event to be part of your channel It's one more tool, another cool thing offered by YouTube Is that! -[Sandra] Well, we already have some questions -[Daniel] Ok, lets answer to them. Vestibulândia: "A slightly more technical question" "Webcams usually do not have a lot of quality, is there a way to use a professional camera?" "For example : A Canon 5D live?" [Daniel] Yes, there is, what you need from a technical point of view You need an audio capture card - In the case where, video But it is usually a video and audio capture card That- For example, there are cards that attach to the USB For example, to watch television on the computer And then, you - On the computer, you have the Wirecast So, your Canon camera will appear will appear as one of the sources or any other camera Another one, for example, these encoders - That's a big difference of the encoders [inaudible] software on the computer for free, and encoder hardware In reality, this encoder hardware, they already have audio and video inputs It goes directily in them But the most common its really you a video and audio capture card, where you can connect that camera And it appears in Wirecast as one of the sources for your live event So it is possible, yes [Sandra] Alright Have one here from Marilha, I believe that is from TV Cultura "I am thinking about streaming 24 hours of our programming, is it possible to integrate our programming schedule via our API to generate On Demand programs?" [Daniel] I think that that on demand video cut might stiff not be in the API yet There is an API on the life part of YouTube where you can start a stream, stop a stream create a stream , then you could create a new stream That's all you can do through - The cut part of the On Demand is a feature super new, and newly released I think, I need to check, I need to confirm And then this step for you, for sure! But I believe that this feature that allows you to name the input and output, to cut, Still not available in API [Sandra] Let me see if there are anymore - no there aren´t! So, people, thi is the first part of our Hangout on Air We are finishing here, with Daniel , thank you for all the sent questions

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Programa de Certificação do YouTube _ 08_Abril_14

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