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One of the most famous talks on TED

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create the new frog for the mom and dad frog. and she said, what only females have their eggs? is that true for human too? I was trying to remember So I said, yES. Where do human lay their eggs? It's funny that you should ask.we have our own pond I have a daughter, millan,and when she was eight last year. she was doing her report for school. she had a homework about frogs. and we were at the restraunt. she said, "so basically frogs lay eggs and eggs turns into the tadpoles, and tadpoles turn into the frogs." and I said "yea, you know I'm not really about frog reproduction that much but it's the females I think that lay their eggs and the males fertilize th we don't have to worry about that's how happens.♫ mom! like where you go to the bathroom? I know, and I know. amusement park! but man and woman never naked much older much much older and she said. mom have you done this before? sO i said yes you don't have to do again not it's time to take off my pants? it's exactly how it happens do it oh no humas are so private girls and boys started to do it again and I said oh nono that's not how we do it cats and I know work out I just can't understand why don't we go to internet wow this's so amazing what about dogs? watched and she's totally ab mom do you think human mating internet porn oh no trusting that would never happen thank you Thank you I'm so happy to be here and they become tadpoles and frogs. then she said. what? only females lay eggs? and I said. only answer the question that they ask.

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Julia sweeney's talk

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