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AIDS as Aid

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: AIDS - Interview 1 Hi, this is AIDS and..i'm here to speak to you about..myself. (smile) and about my specific this world, inside and within human beings. Yes, you are able to communicate with me, as you are able to communicate.. with each and every single manifested expression in existence. You are able to communicate to water, you are able to communicate to the animals, you are able to plants. you are able to communicate to trees.. you are able to communicate to are able to communicate to the planets, you are able to all manifested expressions in existence. All manifested expressions in existence, is..aware. it is only..humanity - all human beings on earth, that are not aware. and, at this very moment, all expressions in busy, with a process of, directing the..realization of themselves, to start waking up, and realizing their oneness and equality, with all of existence. so existence is already in their manifested expression of oneness and equality. it's only human beings that are currently at this moment: a bit lost. so, this is AIDS. now communicating to you through this interdimensional portal, and.. I am currently, manifested in all human beings. I exist in all human beings. I am not sexually transmitted 'only'. I move, according to human being's applications. meaning: that any human being that exists in jealousy..that exists in greed, that exists in self-judgment. that exists in comparison, that exists in..basically, those specific points..I look at, and depending on the extent of those applications. i'll integrate! I move according to interdimensional.. wave..frequencies, sound wave frequencies.. and..depending on the frequenc..depending on this sound wave frequency of your application: i'll manifest,, what, is my specific application 'actually'? About a third or, two third actually of humanity will be removed according to my application. The reason for that is that a certain human beings..that are not going to understand, or make it in this process of oneness and equality, in the realization of themselves on earth. They've 'decided' themselves. I don't. i'm..I merely support them in their application. because they've realized that they will be more effective in the dimensions, than they will be effective on earth, and..those that will remain here on earth, will be those that will take this process forward, into the manifestation: of heaven on earth. of the manifested expression of who we are, as oneness in equality, and this is where we're standing as, and this is what we accept, and this is all that we accept and we allow. it is time that humanity..wake up, and realize what..the fuck is going on in this world?! what you are allowing and what you are accepting, and you are not 'realizing' that, you are not realizing, that you and every single one of you, are responsible, for what is currently manifested in this world, and (laugh).. we've done as much as we possibly able to but still you are not 'realizing'. Nature has been standing up, you don't have control over nature. You don't have control over the animals.. because the animals and nature starting to stand up, and you are already experiencing this in this world. Because we're standing up, and we're only accepting and allowing oneness in equality. This is what we are standing at, and this is what we are standing for, and this is 'what you as each and every single one of you must Start Realizing'.. all that exist in this world, is human beings, is nature, is the animal kingdom: that's all you see! that is what is responsible..for the expression of this world. and I as AIDS, are merely assisting you, to start asking questions, because it's only when you apparently lose something, or lose everything.. or when you become ill or sick, that you start asking questions? that's what you've 'chosen'. and humanity is preparing for, a very interesting period..where you'll start: asking questions. Manifestations of experiences..will start revealing in your world, that will have you start asking questions. because it's in the questions, that you get the truth..and the answers, that makes 'common sense'. We're bring forth common sense human beings, because you haven't been living that, you haven't been applying common sense in this world, even inside yourselfs. You have been allowing people to 'starve' in this world because of greed.. and no one has been standing up. 'not one single human being', has been standing up, and say: 'till here no further!' and 'has made that statement in this world!' so that what nature is doing, that's what the animals are doing, and that's what I am doing - as Aids. So human beings, don't be deceived, don't fool yourself. i'm not only sexually transmitted. I transmit myself and manifest myself inside you, according to the.. sound frequency, resonance, from within you.. according to judgment, greed, comparison, and jealousy. so be careful.. and i'm only doing this specific manifested application inside you, so you can start doing introspection. so you can start asking yourself: 'why is this happening to me? why me? why must this happen to me?' and you can pray and you can wish and you can hope and you can dream.. as much as you want, well, people of the world. God is not going to come. 'you are' the only answer that exists. It is only you. you're alone in this process, as each human being in this world is alone. Yet, we're here to support you, i'm here to support you. though the support is not going to come in any way, that you'd have expected it would come. and this is me: AIDS..presenting myself to you, to say to you that i'm here, to give you a bit of a wake up call. so you better wake up and you better wake up fast. Because this world is changing with or without you. whether you realize yourself here in this world, or when you die: it does not make a difference, Yet..I would rather suggest that you experience this process..of birthing life from the physical. Because you are not life at the moment. you are but systems - lost in your mind. Only able to get AIDS. I only work according to human beings, who still allow themselves to be systems..lost inside their mind. So this is me AIDS, giving you this message, to tell you to 'Wake Up'.. and start realizing that you are responsible for this world. Thanks. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: JRR Tolkien, Princess Diana, Winston Churchill CC English for DestenI Production ©

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How many People on Earth has Actually Listen to AIDS himself talks about AIDS? this is AIDS's speech.

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