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American DJ Mega Par Profile - Review

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♪♫♪♫.................................[Music Playing] ADJ has come up with a brand new line of LED lighting fixtures that I'm really impressed with. The price point this fixture's at is incredible and the performance is ground breaking. Let's take a look at the ADJ Mega Par Profile. Now "Profile" is the name of this new series of lights because they are a low-profile light. Take a look at this... It looks like a pancake, very, very thin. And in fact you can see there are rubber feet on the bottom. So you can place it right on the stage, right on a bottom of a truss for a truss warmer, and it'll sit there. But there's also a bracket that can be used. You can set it like that... You can go ahead and mount it from a truss. You can mount it from a pipe. You can use a clamp. Extremely versatile. The other advantage of the Profile Series that they built in... you can see that we have DMX control input, and then the power input. That's a feed-through. So on this side we have a DMX output, and a power feed-through. As you know with LED lights, they don't consume a lot of power. So you're talking about somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-25 watts per lighting instrument for these so you string several of them on one 20 amp or 15 amp circuit. So this feed-through is a real blessing. You can just move from light to light to light, but of course you have individual control of each light because they're individually addressable and DMX will address this light and then of course adjust the colors. So let's take a look here. We've got the red, green and blue lights, the LEDs. There's 108 of these 10 millimeter lights. They are pretty, pretty bright. They're not going to be a great light from 35 feet away to light a stage. But for uplighting drums, for uplighting a truss as a truss warmer, for doing a little bit of wash on a curtain, anything where what you're lighting is fairly close, these are an incredible light at a great price. Now, of course, anything that has...any lighting instrument that has individual LEDs, you're going to see a color split. You're not going to get a consistent beam of color. So you have to be back a little ways for the individual LEDs to merge into one color. But in most cases that's not a big deal when you're just doing color splash and wash kind of lighting. So, for an incredibly affordable LED light, pretty great brightness in a compact package, feed-through power, I recommend you really take a look at the ADJ compact Mega Par Profile. ♪♫♪♫...............[Music Playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Oct 22, 2012

ADJ has a new line of lighting fixtures that are LED lighting with a very low profile. The fixture has rubber feet that allow you to set the light right on the stage or use the included brackets to mount it over the stage. Chief engineer and CEO of CCI Solutions Ron Simonson reviews these versatile lights. These lights are great for wash on curtains, uplighting drums or lighting the truss. Great for color splash and wash stage lighting.

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