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Dubai Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates Rising from the warm shore of the Persian Golf and the shifting sands of the Arabian Desert is the city of Dubai. The largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates For two centuries Dubai was not much more than a tiny trading port along the banks of Dubai creek. But in less than a single generation the city has become a destination once relegated to the imaganings of science fiction writers. A place that defies it's extreme environment and redefines everything we think we know about cities. Despite appearances however the foundations of this glittering citadel are not built on sand. Bout on thousands of years of Arabic culture and tradition. Step through the veil of Islam at the Jumeirah Mosque where non-Muslim visitors are invited to tour the beautiful interiors and take part in lively question and answer sessions. Head to the historic Bastakya Quarter and visit the Sheikh Mohamed center for cultural understanding. Here you will experience local customs, Bedouin hospitality and enjoy home cooked Emirati food. To learn more about local traditions, go shopping, the way Arab people have for centuries. Follow the scent of franken scents and herbs through the cities spice market Then explore the hundreds of stores in the Gold Souk and discover why Dubai is know as the city of Gold. To explore the Souks of the 21th century head to Dubai Mall, home to a staggering 1200 stores. Dubai Mall is also home to KidZania a miniature city complete with it's own radio station, hospital and fire station, all run by children. But by fare the malls biggest attraction is the Dubai Aquarium an underwater zoo. Take a walk through a watery world, filled with over 3000 creatures from the deep. Including enormous rays and sharks. Once you explored the debts of the seven seas, step out and look to the heavens. Rising over half a mile into the sky is the breath taking center piece of Dubai the Burj Khalifa The tallest structure ever built, three times the hight of the Eiffel Tower and twice the size of the Empire State Building. The tip of this modern wonder can be scene from sixty miles away. Take a high speed lift to the 124 floor observation deck which gives expensive views of the city. A city that seams to grow before the eyes. The Burj Khalifa is peticularly beautiful at night, especially when viewed through Dubai fountains, dancing waters.

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Come to Dubai, the ancient City of Gold, for your next vacation.

Modernity and antiquity collide in this vibrant city. Shop at the same spice market locals have been visiting for generations, then visit the stores in the Gold Souk, a jewelry-centered traditional marketplace. For a more modern shopping experience, go to the Dubai Mall, home to over 1200 stores, an underwater zoo, and KidZania®, a “city” where children can roleplay various careers.

To soak up some of the legendary Dubai sunshine, simply step outside. Take in the view of the city from the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Continue your Dubai tour by wandering through the exotic buildings and resorts, or visit some of the public beaches.

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