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Liberland introduced new government

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Self-proclaimed state on the Serbo-croatian border Liberland has, except of the president, even its government. Ministers were presented today. They spoke about their plans as well. They claim to never want to enter the European Union. The attempt to enforce the Free Republic of Liberland in the world continues. Self-proclaimed state found on the abandoned territory between Croatia and Serbia has provisional government. President of Liberland has presented today 3 members of government Minister of foreign affairs, minister of interior and minister of finance. I was choosing the best among the thousands of those who has applied. At the end, I´m glad that part of them is from Czech republic, however except of these 3 ministers we have also minister of justice from UK, vice president from Washington and vice president from Paris but those will be presented on another occasion. I m very happy and enthusiastic about it, I studied politics and international relations and diplomacy, so I was always aiming for such kind of work, thus it is certainly a dream come true for me however it also a great responsibility. Ministers are fully operative since their nomination, even if the state has not been yet officially recognized. First thing that ought to be done according to minister of interior is to reach an agreement with Croatia so that they could finally start to build their homes. They have a clear idea even in their future plans, for instance to join the EU doesn't sound appealing at all "We are not really interested in the membership, respectively we do not see any benefit in doing that." We have asked the Czech counterparts what do they think about setting up the new government of Liberland However none wanted to comment on that "Mr. minister will not be commenting on the matter of appointing the ministers of Liberland." From 7pm there is a Liberland´s Christmas Gala evening event which should be attended by numerous Czech politicians, supporters of the new state.

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