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FOKO BLOG CLUB talks on Skype

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(someone is about to speak very loudly, to spare your ears : you might check the sound) Joan: Are they ready? Hery : Of course ! Some have already started their 1st post, they will only publish an introduction because they will need more time to blog between classes Stephane : JoanA, JoanA, tell everybody to not leave the chatroom, the group want to talk with the bloggers. Stephane : And we have an english speaker here. I don't really know where she's coming from because everybody in the room look pretty much Malagasy ! Joan : Can you send me someone? I'm afraid this is starting to sound like a Monologue Stephane : This is one of the teens Joan : Manaona this is Joan, how is things going on there? Boy : Hi, I'm still learning.I have to write my first article. Are there many people waiting for us on the chatroom? Joan : You have more than 10 people longing for your blogs, they will bring your stories to all the internet Boy : Are they all Malagasy? Joan : Gasy? absolutely Gasy. In which language are you going to write? Joan : Do you guyz enjoy blogging? is it difficult? Boy : It's really fun, I really enjoy my time, don't worry I'll keep on blogging Stephane: Don't anybody move, the blogs are coming ! Stephane : I told you had someone you speak english very well. We have surprise for you guyz Girl : Hello, I am a fokoster from Antananarivo. I just wanted to thank the project manager for giving us the opportunity to blog, thank you very much, By Stephane (of screen) : Thank you Bye

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Duration: 2 minutes and 36 seconds
Country: Madagascar
Language: English
Producer: FOKO
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Posted by: foko on Mar 7, 2008

Saturday March 1st, when the entire blogosphere was warmly welcoming the new bloggers on the online chatroom, Hery and Stéphane wanted to share the atmosphere inside the workshop in Antananarivo. Joan did her best to cheer everyone.

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