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Camelot_קמלוט_David Icke _ Дэвид Айк דייויד אייק _06

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What’s the key thing of any dictatorship? It’s divide and rule. And so, the whole basis of what they’re doing is taking Consciousness, Consciousness, and dividing it in upon itself. You know, what we’re seeing here is, basically, Consciousness so manipulated that it’s at war with itself because it’s come to so... it’s been brought to such a low level of awareness compared with its potential. And so the spiritual and the streetwise, the five-cents conspiracy and the understanding of the nature of reality, they’ve got to go together. And you know, for too long they’ve been apart. People say: Oh spiritual. That’s New Age. Oh yeah, that’s credible. Spiritual? That’s New Age. Is that credible? And all that stuff. They have to come together because as one unit they’re unstoppable. Apart, again, divide and rule; they have a fraction of their potential power for change. If people come from the heart, they’ll know what to do. If people come from their head, it will tell them a long list of things why there’s nothing they can do or why there’s no point in doing them. We’re at a fork in the road, you know, symbolically, because it’s a balance of the two that we’re looking for, ideally, here. But symbolically it’s a choice between the head and the heart. It’s a head-domination or a heart-domination of our sense of reality. If we take the heart route, then this world will transform from a manifestation of Mind to a manifestation of Consciousness. It has to because this is just a projection. This [out-there] has to follow what goes on here [in-here]. If we take the choice of Mind, then we’re going to live in a global version of Nazi Germany. My strong feeling is, although we’re going to go closer to a global version of Nazi Germany, ultimately the whole thing will collapse because the awakening will cease to hold it together. If you were a betting man, what would you say the timescale of events, the rollout, will be over the next one, two, three, five, ten years? If you were a historian, what do you think you’d be writing about? I’d say - and I’m probably being optimistic - I’d say we would live in a global version of Nazi Germany within ten years if we take that route [the head]. If we take that route [the heart], we’ll in ten years’ time be deeply into a transition to a very different world. It’s just a choice. But this x-factor is going to help us to change the world to one that I would like to live in. I don’t know what the x-factor is, but I know it’s coming. It’ll be fine.

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Posted by: muzlaner on Apr 9, 2011

Дэвид Айк в интервью "Камелоту" рассказывает об иллюминатах, аннунаках и рептоидах, а также затрагивает серьёзные вопросы человеческого восприятия, контроля над разумом, экономической и политической ситуации в мире. שיחות עם דייויד אייק סדונה,אריזונה,פברואר 2009

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