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-SasshI. -Yes. -It's been awhile since this show started. -Yes. This show is known to be on the dark side. Basically 80% of the interesting things we said have been cut. -We said so much interesting stuff. -That's why recording took so long every time. -Even when we say so much... -They don't use it. All is removed in post-editing. You know how they put unedited version in DVD releases? Seriously, please don't make DVD. It's really don't like it. During handshake events a little girl told me she recorded every episode. I thought to myself "Please drop it!" -It's better not to let kids watch this show. -I thought of changing the subject of this show. Sashihara's Rebellion "Sashihara's Rebellion" is a show in which Sashihara Rino works with all kinds of professionals to challenge several projects, while traveling and messing around everywhere. But in other words, we can say this show is talking about dreams. Can't we consider it to be pursuing dreams? Well you describe it quite positively. Indeed, it is about pursuing dreams. Yeah, in the process we will have to face unavoidable reality in the industry. There will be obstacles such as budget and connections. And this show is about, how Sashihara Rino works hard to overcome them towards realizing her dreams. Yes, dream-realizing variety. -That's right. -An amazing show. -Dream-realizing variety should be a prime time TV show. -"Achieving your dream" special. Right. It shows youngsters, that it's possible to overcome obstacles. I thought... Oh! A window cleaners! -We had festival outside during the last recording, and now window cleaning. -Amazing. -Well, this company has the money for proper cleaning. -Nice, "East". Here's an important matter, now that the photo collection is done we have to sell it. -Release date is set. -Oh? [Release information] -When is it? -December 26. Ah, much earlier than planned. Christmas season. In Aoki-san's mail, he said there were too many good pictures, so it's decided to increase the number of pages. -That's great. [So...] [Sashihara Rino's first photo collection will be on sale from Dec 26th] [Published by "Koubunsha", only 1500 Yen + tax. Godlike gift you will absolutely want will be enclosed] [Well, next rebellion] -At the end of Okinawa, we talked about horse racing. -Yes let's go, I've been looking forward to it. We really can't do this, after finding out we are unable to book your schedule for weekends. Well there are handshake events -Horse racing is normally held over the weekends. -Really? Then there is really no chance. -Also, Take Yukata, who you referred as "that dude"... -My deepest apologies for that. -"That dude" Take Yukata basically spends his weekend at the racecourse. -I see. -He is still busy even after horse racing is over on weekends, like on Monday. -I think so, he should be busy. After we came back from Okinawa, Tsukamoto-san and "Ohta Pro" tried to arrange it, but he's busy on weekends. Why! -This is really hard. -Then I will give up on horse racing. No choice but to give up. Nothing can be done if it's schedule's problem. -So, besides this, what ambition do you want to achieve? -Of course I thought about it. Make a HKT48 movie! [She wants to make a movie of HKT48] But you have no interest in movies. We know each other for so long and you don't seem to have any interest in movies or dramas. -If there is a role for me then I will be glad to do it. That's it. -Something like that. I'm not capable to say "I want to be actress too" in front of those people targeting to be an actress. So I keep my mouth shut. -Yes, I know you do not have that ability. -Therefore it's better to be silent. I am fine with occasional appearances. So what I want is a HKT movie without me in it. -A movie that have all HKT members? -Yes. [On Nov 2, HKT48 is joined by nine new 3rd gen members. The second project Sashihara wants to do, is to make a movie with appearances of HKT48 members] [HKT48: all-out efforts] -A nationwide release? -Yes of course! A "Toho"'s release. "Zaboom! Toho". You know what I am saying? Waves crashing in intro. -"Toho" is not the one with crashing waves. -Who has them then? -Zaboom is not "Toho". -Then what is it? -Zaboom is from "Toei". -Ah, then "Zaboom! Toei". -You're OK with "Toei"? -Either one is fine as long as it has "To". -As long as it has "To"? -I'm fine with roaring lion too. -Roaring? Where was it? -Well, I don't care. -You don't care? -As long as it's nationwide. -So any distributor is fine? -Not those small cinemas. -Nationwide. -Boom! -So nationwide? -If you have to ask why, currently HKT has only one TV show that is aired in Kanto region if we don't count those in Fukuoka. Only "HKT48 no Odekake!" -The one that used to be on in the same time with us, for once, right? -Yes, the one MC'ed by me and Goto-san. -Ah, no wonder our ratings were horrible that time. -Yeah. -But this might be a good thing.- Yes I am grateful. I want to lie low. If this show's ratings go up I will be troubled. It's better to stay away from spotlight, because it's scary. I wish everyone will watch "HKT48 no Odekake!". [Love for this show: 0] Even in the Tohoku and Hokkaido region, there are fans too, right? I know it's little but as long as people look forward to us it's fine. But we can't hold handshake events without enough fans. But to gain fans HKT still does not have enough promotions going on. -Ah, right, you are theater manager? -Yes! That's why I think a lot about HKT. -Oh yeah, a manager. -Fans tell me as manager to do more handshake events. They hope us to hold more handshake events in different places. But we have to cover expanses, like we discussed earlier. -You have to pay for stuff. -Yes, do payments. To cover expenses we need to gather more fans. But they are not coming to HKT. Even if we want to hold HS events, we can't, if nobody comes. To fix that, we need promotion to attract more customers, which we are lacking of right now. -I see. You really thought a lot, manager. -Yes. I wanted to do a show helpful for people. -Wonderful! -I don't want others think "Ah, it's so dirty and vulgar". So that's why you decided on a movie? [Surprisingly serious] Milky wanted me to tell you this: "I want to be in a movie". -"I want to be in a movie". -"I want to be in a movie". "But I also want Aoki-san to release my photo collection". -Another one? -Yes, another one. I said "Since you want another one, why not go to someone else?" "Maybe you can show another side of yourself". And she is like "No, I'm fine with Aoki-san's photo collection." I guess this is why he likes Milky. But I told her "Aoki-san is not reliable, he switched to Kojima Mako!" She replied:"It's OK, I believe in him." It felt like a couple in a long relationship. I thought it was wonderful. [Second project is about movie] [Vulgar topics everywhere] Miyuki is so cute. I like her very much. Actually making a movie is no simple feat. I have utterly no idea, so I need to learn from the basics. It was also my first time when we did the photo collection, there's not many people involved. -Very few. If it's making a movie, how many staff will we need? -Maybe 4 times more? -Around 40. Mr. "Summer Nude" keeps his voice soft... [Cameraman Ono was a part of the filming crew of dramas like "Summer nude"] -Really, about the required staff... -Look, they already gathered here. -There is Ono-san with one camera. -He'll film? Here we also have a sound engineer, and that's enough to start filming. Also, a director. We're good to go! -Listen... -Lighting. -I am director? -Yes, director and film crew. Well, how to say this, director of my level is not up to par. That's a lie! I can see through you. You definitely want to film "Hero Yoshihiko" movie. You have such an expression! -Definitely consider making "Hero Yoshihiko movie". -No-no! -Definitely! -It seems like you have no idea about my recent works. -Totally no idea. -I am working on "Pervert Mask". -The simplest method is to let Fukuda-san do it. Bad idea. I am not on nationwide level. Nobody would want to watch a HKT movie made by the director of "Pervert Mask". Relax, I won't leave it to you. -I told you so. -I won't leave it to you, don't worry. [No to "Pervert Mask"!] -Why don't you be the director then? -Nah, I don't want to have a hand in it. How does "Directed by Sashihara Rino" sounds? If I still have to continue work at home, then when am I supposed to rest? -Director's workload is not that heavy. -But you still have to work on the script. Even though I won't appear on screen, director's job will fill all my schedule. I will have to be constantly on set and won't be able to do my other jobs at all! Not making an appearance when it's supposed to be my job, yet incredibly busy. It's strange! -How about producer? -This is the best one! [Producer Sashihara] Producer means they climbed up the ladder from AD and director and after various trials they can finally put on airs. -But I haven't met producers that puts on airs recently. -Really? -Actually producers have the image of them apologizing. -But that (producer A)... Ah, (producer A) is different case... -During "Kis-My-Ft2" TV recording, you will not see (A) on set unless AKB is making an appearance. -Seriously? Even though it's relaxing, "Kis-My-Ft2" producer never even showed up once. -So you'll be a producer? -Yes. -You'll decide on screenwriter... -Screenwriter will be Mitani Koki. [Screenwriter is Mitani Koki?] Ah, congratulations! That bearded and grinning gentleman, that followed us during location recordings... -That old man? -Old man?! -That old man, right? "East"'s Hatano Ken is a producer of "I still like cats" drama. I know it! You were the screenwriter, although I never watched it. He is the producer of "I still like cats". Let me have an appearance! -It's already over. -I see... Usually producer decides who is the director and screenwriter, -so lets find a real producer and find out the details. -Good idea, let's find out. [Visit a movie producer] -I know someone amazing. -Do I know him? -Can be said to be number one in Japan, large scale film production company. -What company is that? -It's called "Robot". -Ah, they make our PVs often, right? -You mean Katsuyuki Motohiro-san? -Right, that's why! -He's former president of "Robot". -Oh, president! But now he runs his own production company, and I know him personally. What movies did he make? -"Bayside Shakedown", "Sea Monkeys", "Always: Sunset on Third Street". -Isn't that super amazing? -All of them were produced by him. -It's amazing, they were all hits. [Abe Shuji, the founder of "Robot", producer of famous movies like "Always: Sunset on Third Street", winner of √Član d'or Award] -Let's go? -Let's meet him. Let's not touch our matter at first. The viewers are probably curious how much do they make, so we will ask that first. -I also want to know it, ask him. -Here is how it will go, first listen then like "$200k?!" $200 000 is not even on the same magnitude. Box Office for "Sea Monkeys" was $88 millions. -That's an evil expression you have there. Let me call Abe-san first. -Let's go right now. Already contacted Abe-san and he agreed to meet us. Although the meeting won't be long, but I still have to tell you first, he's a significant person. A big shot. He was running Japanese number one movie company, very significant. Then if you are going to talk to him as a producer, I think it's better if you rehearse first. [Special movie course for Sashihara] Who is the director of the best-selling movie "Bayside Shakedown"? -He also filmed a PV for "Everyday, Kachuusha", right? -Yes. -Katsuyuki Motohiro-san? -Right. -I know this much! -Someone you dislike. -It's not a dislike. Even though it took so much time to film, but I have no screen time in the PV. -It was freezing during the shooting, even though it was in Hawaii. -The one in swimsuits? Such hardships aren't normal for PV shooting. Filming PV itself is really nothing, I am not complaining, just my normal impression. It's something that I can tell Motohiro-san directly. -For the first time I thought I am going to die during the PV shoot.- Really? Because of the cold? There was a scene where it looks like AKB was in an explosion. Wearing tattered clothes and lying down like that. And water was pouring down on us from above nonstop. It became a big puddle, but the water kept pouring. And I couldn't breathe while lying down. -I couldn't take a breath with that downpour! I was drowning! -Rainstorm. Really almost drowned. -And it was edited out. -Yes. The worst case scenario. If it was shown, it could at least be a memory. "Ah it was really though that time". But there isn't even a proof of that. Only though PV shooting. But HawaiI was fun, so it's OK. [Question #2] Who is the main lead of "Robot"'s "Always: Sunset on Third Street"? Main lead? I have no idea about the cast. -What is the story about? -Something about life in the Showa era, right? -Right. Have you watched it? -No. I don't watch movies usually. I only watched "The Complex". -Only that. -Your movie preferences... -I've seen "The Complex". -Then who is the director of "The Complex"? -No idea. I know only that Acchan is the main lead. -Director is Hideo Nakata. -Ah, director of "The Ring"! So you know, not bad at all. Director of "The Ring". -The expression earlier had the style of a producer. -But what HKT is doing this time is a little different. -From his style? -Yeah. The style is a bit different, maybe if there is another chance next time... -Next time... The director of "Always" is Yamazaki Takashi-san. [Question #3] -Have you heard of "Crows Zero"? -A movie about hoodlums? -Yes. -You should know if you give it some thought. -Takahashi-san of "Swing Girls"? -"Swing Girls" is not directed by Takahashi-san. -Then who filmed it? -Who did "Swing Girls"? -Shinobu Yaguchi-san. -Yaguchi-san! He wanted to challenge himself after "Swing Girls", so he filmed "Crows Zero"? -Challenge another style? -Discover new self. -He'll turn everything into gold. [Big fail] -You have totally no interest, yet you still remember something. -But anyway I won't act, HKT members will. What story do you have in mind? Well about school, after all they are young. -Ah, school story? -Yes, they are young. -School story, huh? -I won't be in it and everybody will be students. It will be a great accomplishment if the movie pans out. So please work hard for your ambition. -It feels like this movie talk won't work today... -Eh? Aoki-san is an old acquaintance, that's why the talk was a success. No matter how I negotiate it with a stranger, most likely it will not result in anything. [Ready, fight!] -Good afternoon! -Come in please. Ah, a bicycle! -Do you know the cast? -The movie is "Always...". -Correct. But it's a painting, so still no idea. Amazing, they are all masterpieces. Amazing. Excuse me. How are you? Hello. Please excuse me. -I am Sashihara Rino from HKT48, nice to meet you -Hello. -I heard your name before. -Really? I am glad. Thank you. -Sorry to bother you suddenly. -No problem. -Long time no see. -What is it your visit today about? A few things to consult with you. -Let's set up the microphones. -For me? -Yes. -I am Sashihara Rino from HKT48, nice to meet you. -Hello. [First negotiation of producer Sashihara] -We are going to finish it as soon as possible. -OK, I am busy, I have an appointment. -Yes. -Let's start from introductions. -Hello. -Hello! -I am Sashihara Rino. -I heard that name. -I am glad, thank you. -Abe-san do you have any knowledge about AKB? -Not at all. I only know Oshima Yuko-san and Maeda Atsuko-san. And Sashihara. -Only name? -Only name, but didn't know how she looks. -I wouldn't recognize her on the streets. -But it still makes me happy. When we entered the office she saw the "Abe Shunji Agency" doorplate and said "Rich". [Actually...] I hear this a lot: people who have too much income create personal agencies in order to pay less taxes. Is this the case here? I often hear that it's better to create your own personal agency. [So, let's ask] I heard some high income talents create their own agency in order to reduce taxes. -So agency owners should be really rich. -Are you stupid? -Why? -Can I say it? -Totally OK. -No! -It's not like that? -Of course not, it's totally unrelated. [It was a wrong guess] -By the way, what is the estimated production cost for "Sea Monkeys"? -I can't say unless you censor it later. We will censor for sure! At first it's not a lot. Around (X) for first movie. Hold on, I don't really understand movie production cost, is it expensive or cheap? -For example "Sea Monkeys"... -Why "Sea Monkeys"? -Why do you focus on "Sea Monkeys"? -I know it. -Do you know "Always..."? -Of course. As a producer which one did you participate the most in? -In "Always..." -It was a big hit, right? -Why are you so obsessed with big hits? -What was the Box Office for "Always..."? Not that much, only about half of "Sea Monkeys". -$50 million income? -No, it would be great, if it had reached that though... -That's amazing. -But it's really tough. -There is a lot of special effects in "Always..." -Yes, Yamazaki-kun. -So how much was spent on it? -About 20% of overall production cost. -About (X). -The figure is too big, it's hard to comprehend for me. I have no knowledge about this at all, but why special effects are so expensive? [Special effects] -Isn't it just bundling them together? -You need people to do them, computer will not create effects itself. -Effects are handmade. -So the money goes on salaries? Yes, on labor cost. -So special effects' cost is... -Labor cost basically. -You need people to keep working on them. -This is amazing. For example when missile hits the explosion effects -...are made by people. -It's all drawn and then entered into the computer, that's how it is done. So special effects specialists earn big money? Why?.. It's not like that? Let's work hard. Money talk ignited my interest. -It might be hard, but let's create a hit too. -You will be rich if it's a hit. -Let's do it, the bigger the better. -You'll be rich, if it's a hit. -I'll even create "Sashihara Rino Agency" to do it. -What? -I want to create an agency. -Sashihara's agency? -Personal agency? -Yes, personal agency. -Then do it. -The doorplate looks cool. [Making vulgar faces without any reason] -If production cost is $5 millions. -$5 million? If production cost is $5 millions, it's possible to get $20 millions in earnings. At least $2-2.5 millions is required to release at about 300 theaters nationwide, then multiply it by 2. -Hello, I am Sashihara. -Hello. Nice to meet you, director. Honestly speaking, and this might be rude, do you have any work that lost money? Like (X). Everybody got shocked. -There are various circumstances. -You heard it, various circumstances...

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06 ran

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