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Chris Crocker at Walmart

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Chris: "Ok it's like 4 in the morning and we're at Wal-Mart and I'm a little drunk and we going in the bathroom. Come on. Thats right. That�s right. We in the ladies room tonight! Ladies! We in the ladies room! Wal-Mart ain't ever seen a girl like this! A real woman knows how to push a buggy. See in the south we call these a buggy." Woman: "What do they call them up north?" Chris: "A shopping cart. This ain't no shopping cart. See in the south we call these buggies. It ain't no shopping cart this is a buggy. And a real woman knows how to push a buggy like a house wife." Woman: "Mmmhmmm." Chris: "And a real woman also knows how to flirt with employees to get her damn way and that's what I'm doing I'm getting a discount motha fucker! Make sure you get the full behind shot." Woman: "I did. Runway!" Chris: "Shake these chicken wings baby! Chicken's good for so many things because it taste good, and they make titties. What is a chicken not good for? I love it." Woman: "What came first the chicken or the egg?" Chris: "What came first the chicken or the egg? A lot of people ask what came first the chicken or the egg. But I like to ask what came first? The drag queen or the baby momma?" Woman: "Girl..." Chris: "You seeing up my booty?' Woman: "Oh ya, look at that booty." Chris: "Where's the caramel? I need the caramel, this little boy's looking at me I�m a bad influence." Woman: "Umm, I think that was a girl." Chris: "Regardless honey I'm teaching little kids how to grow titties." Woman: "Whatever works." Chris: "Oooo let's see if they have that new um, Ben and Jerry's with the gay people on it." Woman: "I don't know if they sell them here." Chris: "Let's see if they have any gay support Ben and Jerry's I got it in the south though. Do you want anything?" Woman: "Has it already came out?" Chris: "Ya, They'll probably have the titty one. See, only in the south. We got all these Ben and Jerry's but we don't got the gay one why don't ya'll got that. I'm gonna have a picnic at Wal-Mart." Woman: "You're silly." Chris: "We got some soda, we got some juice." And we got Whitney Houston CD's, we having a picnic word up. Captioned by Danyoul for

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Duration: 4 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Chris Crocker
Director: Chris Crocker
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Posted by: captvids on Sep 15, 2009

Chris Crocker... at Walmart at 4AM... he goes to the women's restroom... just an overall interesting character...

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