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BITC Publication Class 1: Introduction

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Good morning. My name is Town Peterson. This is an installment of the Biodiversity Informatics Training Curriculum, focused very simply on how to publish a scientific paper. Essentially, it's a long, complicated process, as anybody who has developed a scientific paper can attest. So, in this set of video modules, what I will be doing is going through, essentially step by step, the publication process with you. This particular clip is simply an introduction. So, essentially, these are the steps that I will be covering with you: writing the paper, then editing and proofreading your manuscript, formatting it for a journal and submitting it to a journal, then we're going to talk about essentially how the editor decides to consider a paper further and send it out for review, what the reviewers do, and the suggestions and criticisms that they provide, what the editor's decision-making mechanism is, what your role should be in terms of revising your paper for return to the editor, the acceptance, page proofs, corrections, and then we'll talk a bit about copyright transfer, which turns out to be a bigger issue in recent years than in previous, and finally your paper is published. So, this is this long process, and the idea of this module is to give you some helpful hints and tips about each step in this process. And so, that's all I can tell you, and yet there are some tricks, there are some details where you can save yourself a lot of trouble and a lot of pain, simply by knowing how the process works.

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Posted by: townpeterson on Dec 21, 2012

Publication Class Part 1: Introduction to the Publishing Process

A. Townsend Peterson, University of Kansas
In English

Academic productivity and effective communication of research results depend critically on publishing scientific articles in scholarly journals. This set of 13 video segments aims to provide an overview of the entire publishing process. It is not specific to biodiversity informatics, but rather can be quite general for the natural sciences at least.

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