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Cultural Differences - English 2 Video Task (Part 1)

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Hello everybody and welcome to our programme of today DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CULTURES Let's see how people greet each other depending on nationalities. ¡Hola! ¡Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Hola! Priviet! ¡Hola! Ohayou gozaimasu! Namaste! Namaste! Is Eastern Europe your next stop? Yes? OK then, here you have some tips you must follow if you're going to visit these fascinating and almost unknown countries. Hey, Nerea! Why do you have a pair of slippers in your bag? You have to remember that in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia you may be asked to remove your shoes before entering a home. Shoes are seen as means for spreading infectious agents. So, if you see a pile of shoes at the doorway, take off yours, it is polite and you might even be offered slippers by the host. In my country (the Czech Republic), however, it's common to bring your own slippers. Excuse me. Could you help me, please? I can't believe it! Why are the Bulgarians so unfriendly? No, Helena, no. You are wrong! In Bulgaria, moving one's head from left to right means "yes" and if you nod means "no". Ay! And, for example, if you do like this means "no", also. Oh! Hi, Mary! Haven't seen you in ages! Hi, Sergio! It's great to see you again! What are you doing here in England? I'm here during my holidays! Listen! Do you want to have, us, a coffee one day? Emm... Possibly. When you say to an English person to 'have a coffee', it could be understood as a demonstration that the other person wants more than friendship. English people often say 'possibly' to say 'no' or 'it's not possible'. OK, Mary. I will call you. OK. Oh, such a beautiful cavalcade! Why is it? It's for peace. And then there is another cavalcade. Awesome! Doing the victory's sign without showing the palm of the hand is a rude gesture. For a tourist can be a confusing gesture (it's very similar to the victory's symbol and peace's symbol). What's the next cavalcade about? As we are in the weekend after the Plow's Monday, it's common here in Whittlesey to celebrate it with some straw's bears, accompanied with musicians and dancers. I cannot miss that! There is a party in a Nerea friend's house, and all the friends go there. Hello girls, how are you? Fine, Nerea. And you? I'm good, but I would like to tell you something strange which happened to me last day: I was going through the street with a friend of mine. It was a sunny day, so there were a lot of people walking. And, I stepped a man on the foot without realizing and it was a small stamp. But, suddenly, he stepped me on the foot and laughed at me. And, how did you react? I don't know, I remained perplexed and I continued my way. What was he like? He looked bizarre. I think he wasn't from our country. And I remembered he was talking with an oddish accent. Maybe, he was Russian. Russian? Why do you say that? Because there is a tradition in Russia. It is base on if someone steps another on the foot, the other has to step on the foot, too. If the second one doesn't do that, it's thought that both of them are going to argue. Oh my god! So is that the reason? How different the culture is from our! Yes, but it's really curious. And did you know that when you are invited to a party, you must bring something with you? Why do you tell me that? Because you should have brought the wine I asked you, and you didn't bring anything. I have forgotten it. I'm sorry. Don't worry. We still love you! Hi everybody! Or a Eskimos would say: Dermahoibika! Today, we are gonna show you what should you do and what shouldn't you do if you want to visit and Eskimo! We know that it's very common to meet an Eskimo around the world. In fact, the other day I found one here in Colon Street No! Really? Yes! Who was walking with his penguin. The filthy penguin crapped and he didn't even picked it up. Well, as it can happen to you, we think that it is necessary to know what to do or what not to do. Mmm... Miss Eskimo! The dinner was so great. You are a great cook! You should give me your recipe! Mmmm! Buff! What an ugly day? What!? Mmm. Today it's not a great day, isn't it? No, you're right. And that's all for today! We hope you've learnt a lot with us and next time you meet an Eskimo walking his penguin, I'm sure you'll know what to do! See you! I'm so excited. On this day one year ago, I met my girlfriend in a park. When I saw her, my eyes couldn't imagine something as perfect as she was. So, I approached to her and I gave my number. I have thought about giving her something special, nothing material. My idea is to read her a poem with a Japan symbol in it. It will be... Hi, honey. Who are you talking to? I'm just watching TV. Remember we have booked a table in the restaurant. Yes, I'm not going to forget it, of course. Since it's a special day, I have composed something beautiful to someone great. Really? Oh my god! I'm really looking forward to listening to it. OK. So... Oh my love, my love. I love you so much! I don't know how to say to so you how the heaven is beautiful enough. And now, I'm here reading this letter, wearing a dark blue sweater. Sarah, you are my life. Do you want to be my wife? Give my heart, it's yours. An umbrella? Are you laughing at me? I deserve more than this. OK, let me explain it to you. It's the symbol use in Japan to say to the other how much someone love his partner. and this is my original way of saying how much I love you. Oh, dear. You have been very ingenious. But, the next time, I prefer something more ordinary! OK.

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