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Greg Buckley, Sr. at the Reclaim America Rally

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As everybody can imagine, it's not easy for me to stand here and speak about my son. He was my boy, my oldest son. He joined Marine Corps right after high school because he wanted to serve his country. Because he believed what he was doing was right. Even though I was against him going, he was stubborn kid. Even since he was born, he didn't even come out on his due date. But he had more guts than anybody I know. But he promised me, and the recruiter promised me, that if I let him join that he was going to have a civilian job. So he worked over in a Hawaii import/export warehouse with not stepping a foot in Afghanistan because I don't believe us– we should even be there, for my own personal reasons.

This young man volunteered in March 2012 to go over to Afghanistan because one of his friends broke his ankle and they needed somebody to step up and take his spot, and my son told me they made him go. It wasn't until I found out on that day, when I had to go to Dover and pick up my 21-year-old boy in a box… The sergeant walked over to me and told me I should be proud of my son. He didn't have to tell me to be proud of my son. He said, “He volunteered to go over there, Mr. Buckley. He didn't need to be there but he volunteered, ‘cause he wanted to be with his boys, ‘cause he believed what he was doing was right, and he wanted to support and be with his brothers.” And that's what marines do: they stick together. And that's what we need to do, the American people: come back together and stick together as one, and stop letting everybody tell us what to do. On August 10, 2012, at about 8:30 at night, my two youngest boys call me, panicking, that there were Marines at the front door, banging the door hard, and they were afraid to open the door. I rushed home; they were down the block from my house. I walked over to the black van and I asked him, “What do you guys want?” They said, “We need to talk to you.” They said, “Please get in the van.”

I said “I'm not getting in your van. You come back to my house.” Went back to my house and they informed me that Lance Corporal Greg Buckley was fatally shot and died. I looked him in his eyes and I said, “If you're lying, or if this is a joke, I'm going to kill you as you stand here in my kitchen.” All I could hear were my two younger boys screaming, screaming at the top of their lungs that they’re lying. “My brother’s still alive!” I don't really remember too much, but what I do remember is I collapsed and the next two days were a fog. I promised that kid when he was a baby that I would always protect him and be there for him; would never let anything happen to him. I did everything I could for this kid, and when he went in April he called me a month-and-a-half later and told me,

“Dad, I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm in a bad place. I’m training these Afghan police officers, and the chief of the police is a bad guy,” and how hard it was for him to tell me this, he turned around and hesitated and said, “that I love you, and that they're going to kill me here.” “Greg out in the battlefield? No, you'll be okay.” He goes, “Naw, you don't understand this.” He goes, “They're going to murder me inside my facility. These people are bad people, dad.” He goes, “You don't understand, they don't understand, you people don't understand how bad it is here. They don't care about us; they don't want us here. They said it to me, but we have to do what we're told to do because we’re Marines.” But he turned around and he hesitated, and he said, “But dad, I'm scared.” He goes, “I'm not scared about being out there fighting.” He goes, “I'm scared of being murdered at night while I'm sleeping.”

He goes, “These people sleep underneath me.” He goes, “They’re not normal people and we shouldn't be here. We’re serving no purpose, we’re being lied to over there. They're telling us one thing and it's a whole other agenda. They have their reasons for us to be there and as soon as we stand up and say something they make us disappear, “as we’ll all find out later on. Turns around my son sends a goodbye letter home to the house about two weeks later, and it broke my heart to read it. Because he turned around and thanked me for everything I've done for him, and his mom, and told his two younger brothers to grow up to be great young men and to do the right thing just as his brother Greg did. The kid has always did the right thing since the day he was born; never caused me any trouble. He didn't have to go there. You know what I own my own company, I own my own trucking company, I work my (censored) ass off; I’d give my son my business. I could’ve did anything for that boy, but he wanted to do what was right for this country and now what is this country doing for my son? It's six months later and they still don't want to give me a report. You want me to tell you why? Because the government was told 15 days before August 10 that Sarwar Jan, the chief of the police that slept in Greg's barracks, was filthy. He was a bad person, and he was going to do some harm to these young boys that were in his barracks with him because the man was involved with prostitution of young boys, they’re called tea boys, he was involved with drugs, and he was involved with the Taliban. But we allowed him to be inside that base and in control of all these kids. The Marines have no say over there even though they tell you that they do. You know what? Rules of engagement: they are outrageous. I feel so bad for these young men, and that's one of my purposes here, is to ask to get these young men home and get them out of there. They don't need to be there anymore, they’re not serving any good over there, and their people are going to back to the way they’ve always been for hundreds and hundreds of years. So don't let the government fool you. They have their own agenda. They’re using these young men as pawns in a chess game, and if you lose a few pawns, who cares, if the king and queen are okay? Well you know what, I do, because that's my boy. That's my son they took, and if I'm mad as hell I have all the right to be. I am pissed off. I am pissed off that the government would allow this to happen after they were warned 15 days earlier that they could have prevented my son from being murdered. The kid was in a gym, on his base, at 8:30 at night lifting weights, laughing with his friends with a pair of shorts and a tank top on. And the chief of the police gave his tea boy, and we know this for fact, his tea boy his AK-47 because I found out that the serial number matched him. Gave it to him, and told him to go into the gym and murder as many marine as you can. So at 8:30 at night they walked into the back of the gym, walked over to my son, and shot my son in his chest with an AK-47. 165-pound marine boy who’s as tough as nails but there's no way he can fight that. Then shot him again in his neck. And then shot his best friend right behind him who’s 19-years-old, and they shot another Marine, and they shot another Marine 6 times while he laid on the floor. Outrageous, he survived. The story is so incredible I, you know what, I wake up at night since my son’s passing. I ain’t never slept through a whole night yet, because I just keep on thinking about that young boy there. Just thinking about coming home. He was telling his friends all about how “I can't wait to go home I'm going to be with my dad. We’re going to get together and it's going to be the first time I get to have a legal beer with my dad without using fake ID.” He just wanted to come home. He had just two days left and he would have been with me. And that's what's heartbreaking. And it's killing me inside that they could have prevented this from happening. But like every other thing they could prevent from happening, if it's not in their agenda, they don't give a shit. And I apologize for cursing, but they don't care. Because their kids aren't over there. And if there kids are in the military they're probably sitting over in the White House right now buffing somebody’s shoes. You know it's terrible what goes on in this country and I love this country to death but I don't love what's going on now right now. And I fear for this country if we don't make changes. God help us. So all I'm asking people to do is this young man right here, I just want every parent here to adopt this man as your own. His name is Lance Corporal Greg Buckley. Just join his Facebook page and just help me and my family and my sister because what's going on with our family and the government is wrong. It's so wrong.

We just need everybody’s support and help and like I said if we all come together we can make a huge change in this world, bigger than you think. This is my sister Mary-Liz and without her a lot of things could not happen. Got something to say?

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Greg Buckley Sr. shares the emotional story of how his son, Lance Corporal Greg Buckley Jr. was murdered while serving in Afghanistan. Greg Buckley Jr. and other Marines were killed by an Afghan "ally" just two days before he was scheduled to come home.

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