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Jose Matias, Rhodia - Supplier relationship

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Rhodia was established from Rhône Poulenc 98, a company who went through an intense crisis and had to reassess its strategic parameters in 2002-2003. It seems as if we are now used to going through periods of crisis every 5 years for the last 15 years. Organization is based on a centralized procurement department, which covers 95% of purchases. We are organized in geographical areas and use an individual activity networking system throughout the world, which enables us to know the prices per area and to initiate the best possible competition. Having spent 15 years in business-oriented roles, I am now trying to apply the same methodology to procurement. In the procurement department, we have an internal philosophy, “we purchase for Rhodia, by pure chance”. Rhodia is a procurement company. The company complies with an ISO 9001 standard, and internal clients are treated equally to external ones. A person is in charge of interfacing between procurement and internal clients for the 6 Rhodia divisions. These 6 divisions account for 5 billion Euros turnover, and procurement accounts for 3.3 billion. Procurement accounts for 70% of turnover, and suppliers are just as essential as clients. It is impossible to manage these networks without integrating internal clients and suppliers. At an international level, we pursue collaborative actions. With 60 sites throughout the world, the company has initiated over 1,500 collaborative actions thanks to its 200 purchasers with internal clients and 150 collaborative development actions with suppliers. Has the onset of the crisis brought about any changes? We have launched an innovative internal programme (GOLD), with a view to renegotiating contracts with suppliers. This programme offered us the occasion to establish dialogue with the suppliers.

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Posted by: cscideas on Dec 17, 2009

Jose Matias - Procurement department director of Rhodia - is testifying his supplier relationship management in his corporation

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