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starving activities project done

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THE STARVING ACTIVITIES Juan (Baldy) : Regret, why are there people in the background? Regret: It's just a graphics glitch don't worry! (Totally not a game!) Announcer: Juan and Regret you have been chosen for the Starving Activities Regret: OH NO.... Juan: Where are we? Regret: In a secret cave! *And Now For A Brief Rundown of The Starving Activities The starving activities are in which people are chosen to fight to the death until one remains. The winner wins riches and fame. Due to the stress of this predicament, Juan's face changed! Regret: *Looking at Pedro*: Hey! That guys looks helpful! Let's ask him (Spoiler, he isn't) Pedro (REDHEAD): *Rival Noises* *Proud Noises* no puede vencerme (What even does that mean?) (Training Montage!!!!!!) After a half of this movie training, let the games begin! *Bloody Bloodbath Regret: Molotov Out! (Pedro's career group is burned when Regret throws a Molotov Cocktail at them. (Spawn!!) Meanwhile, Edison, the thief (in white), sneaks up on Juan and Regret, threatening to kill them, when TaRd comes in and saves them with his bow. TaRd: bE mOrE cArEfUl NeXt TiMe11111 *Suddenly, Pedro and Friends ambush and kill TaRd* (RIP) Juan: Remember how I burned down my house? (Memory of Juan burning down his house) Juan: I don't feel REGRET about it anymore! (Dang Juan, you should not have said that!) (RIP REGRET!) RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE (Regret's Final Gambit) (Hold on we still have this Side Arc to finish!) TEST Dummy: Remember me Juan! It was me! The training dummy! And I'm here to destroy you with hope!!!!!!! (Trap Card Activated) TEST Dummy: TIME TO MEET YOUR FATE!!!!!!!!! (Spoopy Bleck) (Oh yeah that was a dream this whole time) *ANTICLIMATIC SILENCE* (In Memory of Nikola Tesla, true creator of Electricity) (feat. Nikola Tesla's vengeful spirit) a.k.a. REGRET

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Posted by: imagreenunit on Apr 30, 2018


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