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2467 Having an endoscopy

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Hello and welcome to our endoscopy service and we hope that this video helps You to prepare and reduce any concerns that you may have. Having an endoscopy means that we use a camera to examine your gut To diagnose a specific problem or to provide treatment. This is an outpatient service, which means that you will be in and out of hospital on the same day And most of our patients are only with us for 2 or so hours Whilst we undertake the test and they recover. You may need to take specific medicines and starve for several hours before the test And this will be explained to you by telephone or letter; This is your pre test information. When you come to your actual endoscopy appointment please bring a list of any medicines that you are taking Including homeopathic remedies and drugs purchased from a pharmacy. If you choose, you can have sedation to make the test as comfortable as possible But you will not be able to drive for 24 hours after the procedure. You will therefore need to arrange for transport to and from the hospital. We recommend that you have someone with you to keep you company And also to make sure you are okay when you get home. You will also need someone to be in the house with you overnight. Our endoscopy unit here at Torbay Hospital is run to the highest nationally agreed standards And our specialist staff are recognised for their experience And teaching and bowel cancer screening expertise. We have three treatment rooms in our unit As well as a waiting area, recovery room, discharge lounge and toilets. All the instruments we use are specially cleaned to the highest standards And our aim is to make your experience of your procedure comfortable and safe. Your privacy will be respected at all times. Please arrive promptly for your appointment and remember that parking can be difficult. Car park F is the closest to the unit. When you arrive you should come to reception where your details will be checked And you will be shown to our waiting room Where there is a display to let you know how busy the endoscopy clinics are. Whilst we normally provide a very timely service, we also support the emergency department in the hospital And sometimes have to respond to cases that arise at short notice. If this affects the timing of your investigation, we will keep you informed, but hope that you will understand. Before the procedure one of our nurses will explain what will happen Check your blood pressure and ask you some questions about your health and medications. This is a good time to ask any questions and discuss your concerns about the procedure. Before your endoscopy you will be given a small amour of fluid to drink by a nurse; This is to improve the views we get during the procedure. The specialist doing your test will ask you to sign a form, called a consent form Which gives your agreement to the procedure. Having an endoscopy involves a small tube being passed through your mouth Into your stomach and possibly into your intestines. We know that this is a strange experience but it is one that we do many times a day and is very safe. To make the procedure comfortable for you, we can either spray a local anaesthetic spray on the back of your throat Or provide you with a mild sedative which will make you feel relaxed and sleepy Although you won’t be completely asleep. If you choose sedation, we will inject a drug in your hand or arm. Before all of this happens we will do a ‘Safety Brief’, when we double check your information and do our final checks. We start the procedure by putting a small plastic mouthguard in your mouth And we will use suction like a dentist to keep your mouth comfortable. We will also monitor your pulse and oxygen levels during the procedure if you choose to have sedation. Normally the test takes about 10 minutes and afterwards you will either go to the Recovery area on a trolley if you had sedation, or go to our discharge lounge if you had the throat spray. When appropriate we will give you some refreshment. We will also explain what you need to do if you feel unwell when you get home, but this is very unusual. Before you leave we will go through your test report with you. These will be sent to your GP or a specialist will arrange a follow up appointment With you to agree the next stage of your care. The majority of our patients sail through the test without difficulty and if you have any concerns or questions Please do ask, we will be pleased to help.

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2467 Having an endoscopy

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