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3-what did you expect to see in america

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Korea back in 1985/1988 was controlled by the army and the people were not very happy. However, in America the country was big, there were lots of pretty women that were well-endowed, they had good sunglasses and pens, everything seemed good there so... There were good houses, the cars were nice, the country was huge, there were lots of parks Overall, I thought America was amazing and thought "If I went there, would I be able to do those things?" "Surely I'd be able to do those things." I had very high hopes for America because even though I've never been there, they always showed good things about it on TV so in my mind I thought "Wow! Its so cool there. It's so pretty. Nice!" "Wow... I want that. I want to have it." "Oh, I want that too!" I wanted to go to the clubs and dance with the girls that were there and hug them too. I wanted to do those things. I thought it was nice there. However, after coming here and seeing America for myself... it wasn't as great as I thought it'd be. Whether it's Korea or the US, the rich live well and the poor live poorly. It was the same., the difference being that Korea is a bit small and the US is so huge that I wasn't able to achieve everything. Sure I had a lot of dreams and goals, but I wasn't able to achieve them all. However, right now I'm doing just fine. Even though I couldn't have and accomplish everything, I still have my spirit. I know there's lots of Korean and Asian folk out there who haven't been to America, but me? I'm okay. I like it here.

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Posted by: paturack on May 4, 2015

3-what did you expect to see in america

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