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Peppa Pig

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I'm Pepa Pig. [OINK]. This is my little brother George [OINK] This is Mummy Pig [OINK] and this is Daddy Pig [OINK] [LAUGHS] PEPPA PIG BUBBLES Peppa and George are drinking orange juice. What noisy little piggies! George, look at all the tiny bubbles? [Laughing] I can make bigger bubbles. Peppa is blowing bubbles in her drink. Bubbles! George wants to blow bubbles too. Peppa, George, you really shouldn't play with your food! Sorry Daddy. Peppa, if you like bubbles why don't you play with your bubble mixture? Yes, my bubble mixture! George, let's play bubbles in the garden. Peppa is showing George how to blow bubbles. First, dip the stick in the mixture..., ...then, take a big breath and blow. [Peppa is blowing very hard] Bubble [The bubble pops] George, now it's your turn. Dip the stick in the mixture... ...hold it up, take a big breath... and blow George is trying really hard but he is running out of breath. [George sneezes and the bubble pops] George, you didn't blow hard enough! I know a way that George can make bubbles. Dip the stick in the mixture, then lift it up... ...and wave it around. Bubble! [Everyone is laughing] It's even better if you run along! [George starts running] Wait for me! George is having fun making bubbles. And Peppa is having fun popping them. I love bubbles! Oh Dear, the bubble mixture is all used up! [George starts grizzling] Daddy, Mummy, there is no more bubble mixture! Don't worry Peppa, I have an idea. Mummy Pig, bring me up buckets please! Yes, Daddy Pig. Peppa, bring me some soap. Yes, Daddy Pig. George, bring me my old tennis racket. [OINK, OINK] A bucket, some soap, a tennis racket. What is Daddy Pig doing? First, I need some water. Then the soap ... ...and now the tennis racket please! Thank you! Now, watch this! [Daddy Pig starts blowing a big bubble] Daddy Pig has made his own bubble mixture. Come on everyone! Be careful Daddy Pig, don't slip and fall! I'll be fine! [He slips and falls] Are you OK Daddy Pig? Yes, I'm fine. [Sneeze] [Wow] Daddy Pig has made the biggest bubble ever. Oh Dear, I have spilt all my bubble mixture! Now we can't make any more bubbles! But we can play jumping in muddy puddles, ... look! Daddy Pig's bubble mixture has made a big muddy puddle. HURRAY! Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Look, the bubble mixture has made the puddle all bubbly. Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy bubbly puddles. Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy bubbly puddles.

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Posted by: mvalles on Feb 12, 2014

Peppa Pig: Bubbles

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