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Peppa Pig- Santa's Visit

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It is very early on Christmas morning. Peppa and her family are staying at Granny and Grandpa Pig's house. George! Wake up! Santa's been! Bubble mix, comics, and tangerines! Mummy, Daddy, it's Christmas! Eh? What? It's too early, Peppa! Go and say "Happy Christmas" to Granny and Grandpa. Granny, Grandpa! All hands on deck! it's Christmas! It's three o'clock in the morning! But Santa's been! Can we see if he's still here? No, Santa's not here. Look. The carrot, drink and mince pie have gone. He's only left crumbs. Yes, Santa likes a good mince pie. And there are big presents under the tree. I asked Santa for a doll. Can we open them now? We will open the big presents after Christmas lunch. Oh, goody! Peppa and her family are having Christmas lunch. Let's pull the crackers! There are paper hats inside. And party trumpets. And jokes. What wobbles in the sky? - I don't know. A jelly-copter. This Christmas pudding is delicious. Peppa and George helped me make it. We did the stirring. Did you make a wish, Peppa? Yes, I wished for... Don't tell us. Let's open the presents This one is for George It is a racing car set. This looks a bit complicated. Let me see...this goes here... ...and that goes there...and this goes there. Let's race! Ready, steady...go! Daddy and Grandpa are enjoying playing racing cars. Isn't that George's present? i think George is quite happy playing with the box. This is your present, Daddy Pig. Ah, socks. And I've got..socks! Socks. - Socks. Socks. - Socks. So, the last present must be for... ME! I asked Santa for a doll that walks and talks and closes its eyes when it goes to sleep! That present is for Polly Parrot. But it was the last one. Santa has forgotten me. Hello? Can I talk to Peppa, please? Peppa, it's Suzy Sheep. Hello, Suzy. Did you get your doll? No. I got mine. It cries, and laughs, and closes its eyes and everything. Santa's given you my doll! No, the label says "for Suzy Sheep". Then Santa has forgotten me. Santa is on his way home. That's the last of this year's toys delivered. Oh, what's this at the bottom of my sack? Santa can't have forgotten you. I have been a good piggy, haven't I ? Santa! Er...hello You came down our chimney! Of course he did, Granny. Here's your present, Peppa. Sorry it's a bit late. My doll! Thank you, Santa. Would you like some Christmas pudding? George and I stirred it, and made wishes. Mmm, yummy! And I wished that Santa would visit us on Christmas day, and you did!

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Country: United Kingdom
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Genre: Animated
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Posted by: totleigh on Dec 15, 2013

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