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I want to tell you about when I was sitting in the jail. I was in the place where the interrogations before they would sit, they would be interrogated. they would ask in that room the people that you would find there -- nothing! forbidden to have. No matches, ropes, Nothing was permitted to be there. the KGB there would search Every day, the police would search if someone had something like this, A fork, a knife, something one could use to kill themselves. Thats why it was forbidden. now, soon would be Chanukah, I was sitting at this time in jail, in the interrogation area. Chanukah is coming, What can I do? I want to light Chanukah candles! I have no matches, I have no oil, I have nothing! This mitzvah is very great! to light for Chanukah. What to do? I Baruch HaShem found favor with he people who were there, All sots of people, also the goyim, there I found favor in their eyes, They saw I was worried. They said, "Chein, what worries you?" I said "In just a few days will be Chanukah, the holiday of Chanukah, I need to light some candles, and I have nothing!" One of them he had been in jail for many years he said, "What do you need to do on Chanukah?" so I said "I need oil, some cotton for wicks, and to light this! They should be lit for half hour, that is enough. Like this I need eight nights." he said, "okay, He thought, he thought, Good! I have an idea how you can do this even in such a place without matches, oil, or anything. This is what we will do: How? He said like this: "Do you have... ("How do you say 'tzibbeleh'?) Do you have an onion? Do you have an onion? I have. He opened this onion, split it in half He made a cup from part of the peel, he made it like a cup. Then he said "Do you have butter?" I had. Good, butter also works like oil. He took from his garment a piece of cotton He took off a piece of this cotton, he took from there some cotton and made wicks, Good. Now, how -- we need to light this! We have a vessel, we have butter instead of oil, we even have a wick, Now how to light, not a single person had matches! They were forbidden! He said, "Also good!" What did he do? he took this cotton, and rubbed it with his shoe on the floor, very fast, that's how he did it, It started smoking he blew on it, and it became fire. This is how it was for eight days, I had there, in such a place, I had Chanukah candles.

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